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  • Why does Yuuma buy gunpla parts from a farther away place when the Iori Gunpla Shop is basically right next door? It would make more sense for him to buy parts from there since his sister is in a relationship with Sei, thus he might get discounts on whatever parts he needs, and it's nearer to his home. Also, with Sei's prominence as a one of the best builders and battlers in the world after the time skip, it's puzzling why his family's shop gets no mention at all.
    • Maybe he thinks Sei is pissed at him for quitting Gunpla Battle, and is avoiding him?
      • Is the shop even still there? Sei and China moved away to France. Maybe the shop closed without Sei there to help. Alternatively maybe Yuuma doesn't want to use the shop now that Sei and China aren't there because he's somewhat bitter inside that they left.
      • Seems likely it's not open. The Ioris don't really need to have a permanent residence now that Sei's out of school, so it could just be that Rinko is off traveling with Takeshi while Sei is with China. Or maybe G-muse has greater selection and/or cheaper prices, and that's why Yuuma went there instead.
      • In the first season Sei complains about how their hobby shop is so far from the train station. G-Muse is probably near one. Possibly a matter of convenience.
  • Why did team Try Fighters does not simply blow up the castle when fighting team SD-R in episode 17?
    • Team SD-R wasn't combined at the time, and instead were three small, quick units with pilots who are known for being tricky opponents. Try Fighters probably figured that SD-R would find a way to escape in the chaos. However, when they were combined, their machine was an unwieldy giant mobile armor in an underground cave, which would make it much harder for SD-R to escape a flat-out carpet bombing.
    • The reasoning above would make sense, if not for the fact that Team Try Fighters watched a video of their match earlier, which showed exactly how Team SD-R fought as separate units. Fumina or Yuuma should have known that walking inside a giant castle was a bad thing and instead opted to bomb the place from the outside or just bomb any building that they saw, therefore forcing team SD-R out of hiding.
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    • While it is true that Team Try Fighters knew about the traps, they wanted to confront SD-R immediately before traps could be made. They just underestimated how quickly Team SD-R could set up traps. On top of that blowing up the castle would use a lot of particles and if it didn’t destroy the three machines (small ones that have a better chance of dodging the rubble) then they would be left in a ruined field that would be perfect for SD-R’s traps (the destroyed castle is very similar in layout to the city that SD-R used very effectively in the match Try Fighters saw) whie also giving the team extra time for the enemy to strategize. While it might not have been the best strategy there is logic behind getting to the enemy as soon as possible to prevent them from setting the traps in the first place.
  • Reddit has been on fire about episode 22 lately about how did TTF survive the Tryon-3's Finishing Move. So... how?
    • If you look closely after the Tryon-3 completes the symbol. It closes in on the sphere trapping Team Try Fighters. This most likely broke the field that kept the Gunpla from moving giving Fumina just enough time to create a shield with her Star Funnels and for Sekai to power it with all of the Try Burning’s particles (while the Star Winning used up most of its particles with the Winning Beam, the Try Burning used very little because Sekai’s waist was injured early in the fight). At least, that makes the most sense to me.
    • Also, it's possible that Tryon-3's sphere only prevents movement, not defense. A powerful attack like that would likely crush right through a standard guarding unit (shields, beam shields,etc), or hit the entire sphere to make conventional blocks pointless. Minato probably didn't forsee a combined, full-team block like Try Fighters did
  • How is Jigen Haoh supposed to work in real life? Moves like Seiken-Zuki (a straight punch) and Soten Guren-Ken (a Shoryuken) make sense. However how would a human use moves like Ryusei Rasen-Ken (a punch where the wrist rotates 360 degrees) or Hado Reppaku-Ken (a punch into the ground that creates a tower of fire). Sekai didn’t make these moves up so how could he learn them if they are physically impossible outside of Gunpla Battle?
    • I'd presume that it's a combination of commonality in technique (Lots of martial arts include a punch with rotation in the wrist, for example), and the Gundam itself acting according to Sekai's will and fighting spirit.
    • As an addendum to that, I would presume more of the energy attacks are derived from a similar principal as Nils using particle Fa Jin. It's a translation of martial arts Ki manipulation into a more destructive, tangible form.
  • How does Sekai use moves that destroy massive sections of terrain (or even a substantial portion of the entire earth) when battlefields are so small that about a minute of fully applied thrust on most machines is sufficient to launch them out of the field and onto the stadium floor, as demonstrated in a number of episodes?
    • The fields are composed of hexagonal modules, and as the series goes on we see more of them being used for each level of competition. Besides, the simulated landscapes might be moving too, with the Gunplas actually moving at a fraction of their apparent speed.

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