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  • Okay, the more I watch this, the more it bugs me, since the whole show hinges on it and yet it doesn't seem to hold together. In the interest of fairness, I just wanted to ask: 1. All of the insects we see appear to be sentient, and behave accordingly in increasingly obvious ways, yet 2. Only Creepie (and Budge, to a certain extent) seem to be aware of this, meaning 3. Everyone else behaves as if they were, well, bugs. Is there any explanation for this? MST3k Mantra notwithstanding, most if not all of the plots fall apart if I think about this at all. (As of the last episode I saw, "Mom Under Glass", it's my pet theory that Creepie is crazy, but something tells me that that's not supposed to be the answer.)
    • My personal working theory is only a few of the bugs (those shown being understood by humans other than Budge or Creepie, like Creepie's family) are actually speaking english the vast majority are in fact conversing in an insect language Creepie at some point taught to Budge.
  • Um could someone that knows a bit more about insects help me out...shouldn't have a lot of Creepie's "siblings" died years ago due to having short life spans? Especially Nat. A quick google search said Nats live for about 4 months, honestly longer than I thought it was.
  • Caroleena is always threatening to eat her kids to make them stop misbehaving. In the show, Creepie said her mom's diet excludes family members, but Caroleena's bio on the official site says she has eaten family members. So which is it?
    • Forgive me for asking, as I don't remember where it says that, but was it specific about how long she had not been eating family members? It could have meant she isn't anymore, but used to.
  • How could Chris-Alice not notice Mr. Biggles wasn't a cat? Wouldn't she have been tipped off as soon as she touched his scaly skin?
    • Well, let's just say Chris-Alice ain't the most bright bulb on the christmas tree...
    • My guess is that the chameleon might've been a shapeshifter rather than a regular chameleon. It wouldn't be far off for such a weird show.
  • So! Vincent is a mosquito. Only female mosquitoes have a proboscis. Does that mean that Vincent counts as a pre-op female-to-male transsexual (or perhaps just transgender) mosquito?
    • Actually, male mosquitoes DO have a proboscis. They use their proboscis to drink nectar from flowers. Still doesn't explain why there was an episode revolving around the fact Vincent drinks blood.
    • Erm, could you tell me what episode that was? I just watched the episode "Bite Nite," which made it VERY clear that only female mosquitoes bite. When did the show ever state Vincent drank blood?
  • How are the bugs paying for all of the supplies that they need to raise Creepie?
    • Maybe they're resorting to theft? I doubt they could be caught or arrested easily, since no one would easily believe that a store had been robbed by a bunch of sentient bugs.
  • What do the Creechers do for parent/teacher conferences?
    • Literally the very first episode involved the school principal going to Creepie's house to talk to her parents about a disturbing class poem. The bugs created a crude suit out of a trenchcoat and hat and managed to fool the principal into thinking they were a human mother. They probably do this on parent/teacher conferences as well.

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