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Headscratchers / Grease 2

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  • The Calendar Girls have a dozen girls singing, along with three male helpers (Di Mucci, Davey, Eugene), a piano player, and Dolores assisting as well. They have also obviously spent a crap ton of money on the costumes and sets. Is the prize really worth all that expense and trouble considering they're going to be getting probably a max of eight records a piece?
Answer: It shows the obsessiveness and competitiveness of the Pink Ladies. It is also to prove that they can win something that they are not extracurricular participants in, like the twins.

How did these people become T Birds and Pink Ladies? They would have been freshmen in the original Grease film from 1978. This film starts in 1961. The first film starts in 1958. Were these groups revamps or did the original T Birds and Pink Ladies say that these new T Birds and Pink Ladies could use their clothing and organization name? The new Pink Ladies recognize Frenchy so there may have been an occasion where the new Pink Ladies met the old Pink Ladies. Also the new Pink Ladies are prettier than the old Pink Ladies. Also, there is the sister of Paulette who wants to be a Pink Lady when she is in high school. Therefore, the Pink Ladies from the first Grease film may have been the original incarnation. Those Pink Ladies were a reaction to possible successive generations of T Birds. Based on the fact that the film "The Wild One" came out in 1953, then there must have been greasers before then. If the Grease Films are set in California, then it may have taken them longer than the East Coast to adopt the greaser subculture. Also, there are less Italians in California than in the Northeast. There are some non-Italian looking greasers which may mean that they needed to wait longer in order to adopt the subculture because they did not have the usual prerequisites to be greasers.


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