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Headscratchers / Gothika

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  • When Miranda was escaping, she hid from the guards under the desk of the security guy. When all is said and done, she's an escaping mental patient. He could clearly see her. And yet he helped her out, misdirecting guards and then, just in case you didn't get the idea, lending her his car. They spoke about once before that, and that didn't exactly pen them as buddies, or even him as being the type to believe her crazy story. And it didn't even look like she threatened him. Did I miss something?
  • Why was the Sheriff's Department completely deserted apart from the sheriff himself? Even small towns need more than one person in the precinct to run the place overnight.
    • Both the above questions can be answered with this: Rule of Drama. They need her to escape, and then later be Alone with the Psycho.

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