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Headscratchers / Gorillaz

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  • In "DoYaThing", how come the Gorillaz, a world famous and therefore certainly filthy rich band, are living in a random apartment in the middle of a city instead of somewhere more like the old Kong Studios? Surely Murdoc could have conjured up another extravagant HQ instead of being forced to live somewhere like that.
    • Murdoc was being hunted by the Mob, that's why he went to Plastic Beach in the first place so at this point it'd be best to lay low.
    • And anyway the video for "DoYaThing" was revealed to be non-canonical by the time of Phase 4.
  • Why, if they live in England, record in England, and their members are 1/2 British, is every car built like an American car, and they show dollar signs and American dollars?
  • In "Aries" 2D and Murdoc are shown travelling on a motorcycle, but they're actually being filmed in front of a green screen. How could then the green-clothed, green-skinned Murdoc not disappear?
    • A different tone of green?
  • Okay, so 2-D's birth name is Stuart Pot, (sometimes humorously shortened to Stu Pot), and it's been said that his dad's family name was originally Tusspot, but he shortened it to Pot shortly before 2-D was born so that he wouldn't be made fun of. As an American who's unfamiliar with that term, what's a "Tusspot"? I assume it must be an insult or something, but I've never heard anything like that, and the Gorillaz wiki didn't provide any explanation to that either.
    • A "tosspot" is a fairly archaic Britishism meaning either someone who drinks heavily or someone who's really dense.