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Headscratchers / Gorillaz

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  • In "DoYaThing", how come the Gorillaz, a world famous and therefore certainly filthy rich band, are living in a random apartment in the middle of a city instead of somewhere more like the old Kong Studios? Surely Murdoc could have conjured up another extravagant HQ instead of being forced to live somewhere like that.
    • Murdoc was being hunted by the Mob, that's why he went to Plastic Beach in the first place so at this point it'd be best to lay low.
    • And anyway the video for "DoYaThing" was revealed to be non-canonical by the time of Phase 4.
  • Why, if they live in England, record in England, and their members are 1/2 British, is every car built like an American car, and they show dollar signs and American dollars?
  • In "Aries" 2D and Murdoc are shown travelling on a motorcycle, but they're actually being filmed in front of a green screen. How could then the green-clothed, green-skinned Murdoc not disappear?

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