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Headscratchers / Good Girls

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  • Why didn't Ruby explain to the mother in Episode 4 "your son insulted me and my uniform, left my tips in a cup filled with spit and deliberately burnt himself on a griddle"? Maybe the mother wouldn't have believed him but it seemed like a solid middle ground between giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and grovelling in apology over something you didn't do.
    • Given the way his mother was acting, Ruby probably figured it was obvious she wouldn't have believed her anyway. Plus, after enduring the little twerp's mistreatment for who knows how long (plus, as revealed in other episodes, a lot of other crap at the diner), she might have just hit a point where she thought "fuck it," even if she realized it probably wasn't her smoothest move soon after.
  • Why didn't Annie get Ruby a job at her big box store when she lost the one at the diner?
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  • Why didn't Beth at least try explaining to the gun man (in episode 4) that he's sick and Rio entrusted her to take him in. It sort of worked itself out anyway and we don't know if he would have listened, but it seemed worth a shot and the risk of losing your car and the money that Rio was going to pay necessitated it.
  • Is Sadie a teenage boy who identifies as a teenage girl?
    • It's implied she's non-binary or otherwise LGBTQ, since she wears boy's clothes and there's a rainbow-colored heart in the wall of Annie's apartment, although she clearly identifies as female. She also mentions another girl in a way that might suggest romantic interest.
    • In episode 8 of season 2 Sadie comes out as a trans boy.

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