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Headscratchers / Girls' Last Tour

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  • So Isshii decides to build a plane to visit the city she saw through her telescope. The fact that she can can see the city at all means it's not all that far away though, due to earth's curvature. So her best bet would be just to try to reach it by ground, and maybe find or construct a boat once she reaches that stretch of water. The fact that this never even occurs to her is a bit odd.
    • It's because travel by plane is the most efficient option. Since they're living in a multi-tiered city, who knows how far down she would have to travel to find a level that actually connects to the other city.
      • Assuming if the city is a kilometer tall, and that the other city they see is a kilometer tall, in order for one person to see the other city, there could be a distance of at least a 100 kilometers between them, based on a distance to horizon calculator. This ignores the distance would be double since the distance would be from the observer, and to the observed point beyond the horizon, but it is a simplification. Safe to say that the 2,000 kilometer range would be sufficient for a round trip.
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    • That, and she happened to find a plane hangar full of parts and designs for aeroplanes, not a boat dock with means to build a boat.

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