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  • Agent 99. Agent 23. Agent 91. Agent 86 (Max). Agent 13. And... Larabee? Did they deem him too stupid-looking to have a number or something?
    • It's probably an Aerith and Bob type of joke. Men in Black did a similar thing with the twin aliens "(Unpronouncable series of noises)" and "Bob".
      • Just a random note, in the MIB novelization, the Twins are "Bob and Gracie". Kind of amusing that they did a joke about an unpronouncable name in a movie instead of a novel, when it would have been easier to do it the other way around.
    • Only field agents get a number. Larabee is support staff.
      • A support staff member who's trained to kill with Post-Its?
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    • He probably couldn't remember his number.
    • It's possible that he has a number, but it's just never mentioned, sort of like an inversion of 99 having a number but no given name.
    • It could simply be that some agents just prefer being referred to by their number by their fellow agents and others by their name, and Larabee's one of the latter. Max has a number as well, but that doesn't stop everyone from just calling him 'Max' most of the time. In the movie at least, the only times we see Larabee are when he's in a secure facility surrounded by people who know him, not out in the field where his identity would need to be more closely concealed and where he might conceivably use his number, so it could simply be that in such circumstances he prefers being referred to by his name and everyone complies.
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    • The Larabee of the series does seem more like a secretary than a field agent, but the Chief calls him "Agent Larabee" in one episode. It could be that only agents of a certain rank or higher get numbers; Max addresses the 2 scientists who work with him and Hymie in one episode as "42" and "Harris."
  • Did Don Adams drop a bowling ball on his hand or something in 1970? From "House Of Max" through the last episode, his right index fingernail is black. What's up with that?
  • Why is it called the Cone of Silence? It isn't cone-shaped.
    • Cant' remember the name of the episode, but there is a scene in the original series where the Chief says explicitly it was "invented by a man named Cone."



  • So Max is framed for blowing up a bakery, with the story being that Agent 23 says it's only a bakery. While 99 didn't see the nuclear material, there were still people shooting at her and trying to kill her for infiltrating the place. Isn't that a pretty big hint that it's not just a bakery?
    • Yeah, just have to call it a plot hole. 99 saw more than enough to argue that whether or not nuclear material was present, it was definitely a major criminal operation. Dalip's appearance alone should have sealed the deal for her.
    • Given that Dalip stopped attacking at Max's instruction that could be seen as evidence against him. In the general 99 saw enough to know something dodgy was going on in the bakery but not enough to know it was storing nuclear material or that KAOS was involved other than Dalip, who had been hunting them since the plane.

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