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Headscratchers / Gemini Rue

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  • Why did the two goons bring the data packet to the weather station if they were just going to shoot Azriel?
    • A precaution if Azriel demanded proof before revealing himself, and them having the data packet ensures that he will confront them rather than run away.
  • Why is the weight you left in test chamber 2 suddenly in test chamber 3? Besides, shouldn't someone have noticed that the gun is missing? There are at least 4 other blues.
  • If Azriel and Delta-Six are the same guy with only a year apart, why is Azriel half a foot taller than Delta-Six, based on the cover image?
    • The cover shows both from above the waist up, in a hypothetical full image Azriel would be standing half a foot above Delta-Six.

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