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Headscratchers / Full Moon o Sagashite

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  • I've had this manga for years, and one thing about it has seriously bothered me: if Mitsuki spent most of her life in an orphanage, and two of her grandparents are the only living family members she had, how come, after ten whole years, they never claimed her? There is no explanation given for this. Did they just not know her whereabouts? Did they not know Hazuki even had a child? Did neither grandparent want her? Did her parents not have identification or contact info on them when they died? These explanations would have been plausible had they been there, but this is never explained, and after Mitsuki spends ten years in an orphanage, her grandmother just pops up out of nowhere and reclaims her. It just feels so jarring to me knowing that Mitsuki had living relatives yet still spent most of her life in an orphanage.
    • It's strongly implied that Fuzuki was That Thing Is Not My Grandchild about her but was forced to take her in when she was diagnosed. Wakaouji wants to adopt her, but Mitsuki being a Death Seeker and atoner for not telling Eichi how she felt wanted to die alone because she didn't want her will to live to return as she would start to love her new family.
    • I also kind of had the thought that after Eichi left, Mitsuki didn't want to stay in the orphanage any longer since it would remind her of him, and thus the orphanage staff contacted Fuzuki and were like, "We know you didn't want to do this but here's what happened..."

  • So Mitsuki had that tumor for a whole year without taking any medicine?
    • It's revealed after meeting Takuto and Meroko, when she becomes Full Moon, sarcoma did not progress and Eichi had been by her side. Meaning thanks to Eichi, if he hadn't stayed by her side, she would have died as scheduled.

  • Near the end of the manga, Mitsuki says that she will undergo the operation to remove her tumor. But it was said in the beginning that the operation would require removing her vocal chords, and that medicine wasn't advanced enough to actually create artificial vocal chords, which is among the reasons she refused the surgery to begin with. Why the sudden change of heart, considering there has been no mention in the manga of her vocal chords being left alone during operation now?

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