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Headscratchers / Fractale

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  • Spoilers for episode 6 What possible reason was there to not tell Clain that the camera man was his father? Sure, Clain's father was shown to be averse to actual contact with his family, but Clain himself was implied to be the opposite. And what the hell kind of "friend" is Phryne for deciding to hide that from him?
    • The man was ill, maybe dying. Phryne might have thought he was better off/happier not knowing.
      • It's also quite possible that Clain did, in fact, know who the man was. The look on his face at the end of the episode was certainly not typical of someone excited to receive a gift.
  • Why did Phryne suddenly decide to purposely fall off of her glider? She could have still gotten away from Enri and prevented her injuries.
    • Remember how Clain fell when Phryne flew over him just then? When he did his music player's headphones unplugged and the device switched to the built-in speakers. Guess what song he was listening to? note 
  • Why is Barrot checking Phryne's virginity via seeing if her hymen is ruptured the "old-fashioned" way instead of some sort of advanced futuristic procedure or technology? There are several ways a hymen can be ruptured other than sex, so one would think 1) that he would know that and 2) that there'd be other methods to do a virginity check other than a physical.
  • How do people even do work using doppels when most of them can't touch anything real?


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