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Headscratchers / Flowers in the Attic

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  • Christopher, Sr., is a thirty-six-year-old middle-class man with four dependent children, masses of credit card debt, and a job that requires a great deal of travel. Why didn't he have life insurance?!
    • It's possible that the masses of debt would have been paid off with any life insurance payments or any residual savings. Likewise, in that time period, one mostly got life-insurance if they were elderly or terminally ill.
  • Corrine gets whipped by her mother Olivia as punishment for running off with Christopher Sr. and later on, she's shown at the party in a strapless dress with no visible scarring or wounds. How did she heal so fast?
    • Either makeup or the whipping lacerations weren't deep.
  • Why did Corrine attempt to kill the children through a slow, lengthy process of feeding them arensic-laced donuts instead of simply using a more powerful poison that would kill them instantly?
    • Arsenic is difficult to detect, tasteless and odorless. Though the book takes some liberties, if Corrine had used something stronger, it’s probably safe to assume Chris at least would have realized there was something wrong with the food.
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    • She could not seem to face the direct methods, like shooting or stabbing them. She could live in denial that they died of illness instead and she did not really kill them.

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