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  • So just how far away is Valentia from Archanea? Obviously it's close enough for the Pegasus Sisters to fly there and for Zeke to wash ashore there, but how would they get there? Would Zeke get on a boat and fall off, or do the sisters fly there from a boat?
    • The world map for Awakening makes the two continents look fairly close together. No idea for Zeke, but Est was specifically mentioned to have been captured, so she probably got there by boat. Catria and Palla most likely either flew or arrived by ship, too.
  • How do you transport Duma's remains to the volcano that became the Demon's Ingle?
    • He could have been cut up and buried in pieces. And of course there is the possibility that a group of magic users could warp the body again and again until it got to its burial place.
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    • According to the Valentia Accordion, only their hearts were buried.
      • His and Mila's hearts became the Mila Tree, but since the Demon's Ingle is directly called Duma's Remains in the Japanese version, it's implied that the rest of him ended up there somehow. I'm personally inclined to go with the warping idea, since that sounds like the simplest one.
  • Gradivus was ceded to Marth's army, and, if Mystery is to be believed, was given to Hardin. Yet it can be found in Gaiden and Echoes. Just how did it get there and then back to Hardin when the timeline is only a couple years between Shadow and Mystery?
    • In the game itself there can be multiple Gradivuses, since Blessed Lances can be forged/evolved into them. Thus much like the Falchion, the Gradivus you find in Echoes is probably a different one.
    • According to the Valentia Accordion, the Gradivus was returned to Archanea after the war, indicating that the one in Duma Tower is the one true Gradivus. Perhaps the Duma Faithful stole it?
  • Why did Forneus need some special mask and insect to raise the dead and turn them into his army, especially since there are both terrors and ghosts roaming around in this world, including the area where said experiments took place? Is there some problem causing difficulties controlling them in large numbers or did the masked come first and the terrors/specters come after?
    • Terrors appeared as a result of Duma breaking the Divine Accord between himself and Mila, so they're a recent, mostly (if not entirely) Valentian issue. Forneus and Thabes were around centuries before the accord was broken, and on a different continent that Mila and Duma shouldn't have any influence over, so Forneus had to puzzle out that undead army alone. Specters and ghosts were either not within interest or just plain uncontrollable without divine intervention.
      • And going off that last point, Forneus specifically wanted to use the Risen as his own army. That's much easier to do if he has some way to control them, which the bug virus would presumably solve. So, yeah, the idea of it being due to "difficulty controlling them in large numbers" seems pretty likely.
  • If Rudolf was strong enough to defeat Mila with Falchion, why didn't he attack Duma first? Seems like a lot of problems (like the war with Zofia) could've been avoided if he had done jut that.
    • Duma was protected by the Duma Faithful (whereas the people in Mila's temple were clearly not fighters), plus if he sought to attack his own nation's god there are not many who would have helped him. He did not have the power to handle both Duma and the Duma Faithful on his own or nearly on his own.
      • Supporting this idea, Mycen even says that Rudolf did suspect he would get a lot of backlash from the Duma Faithful if he tried that. Even if he could take them out on his own, the people of Rigel probably wouldn't want to unite under him anymore. Therefore, he thought the simplest answer would be having Alm take care of that part.
  • So... in Echoes, how exactly did Conrad get Celica's circlet? Was it supposed to be implied that Halcyon had managed to steal it back from Rudolf and/or Jedah somehow? That would make sense, but I don't think it was ever stated for certain.
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  • At the beginning of Act 2, Jedah tells Duma that Celica left Novis. How did he know that? Celica stayed in the priory and never left (this is supported by Mae saying that she never went on a trip with her and Boey)? And since he did know where she was, why didn't he just go to Novis and kidnap her? The Duma Faithful are a lot stronger than the Mila Faithful. He could've easily taken them all.

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