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  • Why didn't they get a star WARS actor to give the main characters the methods of getting past Skywalker ranches security?
    • 1) To set up the fact that the Trekkies are so obsessive that they miss out on an opportunity to meet their idol. 2) Because it's more likely that a Star Trek alum would want to subvert George Lucas than a Star Wars one. 3) Rule of Funny.
    • Another possibility is a joke on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars Fandom Rivalry. It could be seen that a Star Trek alumni would somehow get access to Skywalker Ranch material and give it to die-hard fanboys who want to break in to steal a copy of the film just as a means of sabotaging Lucas and Star Wars. The fact that the main protagonists are asked if it was William Shatner who gave them the material as a hint that, off-screen, Star Trek alumni don't get along with Star Wars alumni and vice-versa.

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