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  • I always wondered why Steve and Elyse, former hippies, named their son Alex. Arguably the most famous bearer of the name was a military leader (Alexander the Great). Was it a family name?
    • P. stood for Patrick.
    • My parents always assumed it was for Alexander Pope, which would've explained the P middle initial, too. They were more confused by the fact that two hippies with kids named Alexander and Mallory would've gone with a really standard name like Jennifer.
      • That's a good explanation, although I'm not sure Pope was on many 1960's bookshelves either. Jennifer was always the most explicable name to me: I imagine Elyse really enjoyed "Love Story" and named her youngest daughter for its heroine. The name was pretty trendy in the 70's. I was more confused by what sort of 80's child Jennifer was supposed to be. Alex was the Reaganite yuppie, Mallory was the Material Girl, and Jennifer was...?
      • 8She was the tomboy turned rock girl.
      • And you didn't think. Steve and Elyse didn't name the kids. Just because they oh I don't know. Like the names or something? They might not have cared about historical connotations. For example, most people don't think of Joseph Stalin when they name their son Joseph.
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  • I've always wondered some things about the time line. The show takes place in the years it aired, 1982-1989 and we are introduced to Baby Andrew in the third season who goes through Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. It's also established Alex was born in 1965 and he is part of the graduating class of 1984, but is 22 in 1989 when he graduates college. Is this a continuity error or a rewrite?
  • Alex keeps claiming he's going to be the President of the United States, but he was born in Africa.
    • To two American citizens, which makes him, legally, a natural-born citizen. So he would be eligible.
      • Yes, contrary to popular belief, natural-born citizen doesn't just mean 'person born in the United States', that would be native-born, it's also 'person who, at the time of their birth, had at least one parent be an American citizen, regardless of where the person was born." It wasn't like his parents had renounced their American citizenship, they simply happened to be in Africa at the time of his birth.

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