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Headscratchers / Fašade

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Headscratchers for the Video Game Façade.

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  • Why is Trip afraid of people figuring out he worked his way through college as a bartender? His in-laws must know about his background considering all his wife knows and how it is implied Trip is close to his in-laws. Even if he was afraid of that getting that out surely her parents would ask, and Grace seems the type to call him out if he tried to lie.
  • Trip can potentially admit that he could never be married to Grace if she was an artist. What exactly is his problem with Grace being an artist? Why would anyone have a problem with their spouse being an artist?
    • It's implied that the apartment is paid for by both Grace and Trip and that neither have enough money for such an expensive penthouse alone. Combined with Trip's intense fear of poverty and obsession with material wealth he doesn't want to lose his chance at "the high life" as he sees it.
    • It's also possibly that, due to his insecurity, he doesn't want to give Grace the chance to be "better" or more successful than him by becoming a famous artist.

  • How come she didn't try to sell her paintings behind Trip's back? She probably would be able to hide the money considering all they were hiding from each other.

     Trip and Grace 
  • The player's choice of friends is a bit questionable. Why would anyone want to be friends with this self-centered couple? They will kick a guy out of their house if he tells them he has cancer. You're telling me the player is friends with these crazy people for a decade?


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