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  • When Andy got rich from his show, and Maggie was broke and doing cleaning for living, why didn't he offer her a guest room and a job as his assistant or a small part in the sitcom?
    • At that point, hadn't they stopped talking due to their drifting apart?
      • As I remember, they still had lunch together, occasionally.
    • Andy had literally stopped caring about Maggie in his quest for fame and respect from others; when they met up all he talked about was his own struggle to stay relevant and gain more fame, completely ignoring her plight. He stopped listening to her and only used her when he didn't want to go somewhere alone. She even asked for a job from him when he was being interviewed for the Guardian and had Maggie pretend to be his PA so he would look better, but obviously he just dismissed what was an earnest request from her, probably because he thought she was joking (having not noticed how desperate she was) or just didn't care. In effect, he's become an insufferable self-absorbed asshole who has forgotten his best friend now that he's had a little taste of fame. That's why he didn't offer her a job. It takes literally months and a downward spiral into complete irrelevance and loss of dignity and self-respect for him to realise the person he has become and how horribly he has treated Maggie.
  • This one's always bothered me - in the last episode of the first series, Andy convinces Patrick Stewart to produce his sitcom through his company, Picard Productions. In the second series, this is never ever brought up and the BBC act as if they're the ones taking a chance with the show. Am I remembering wrong?
    • In the Real World, the BBC are notorious for taking over projects from small production companies and destroying them c.f. The Watch

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