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  • Near the end of the film White threatens to shoot Brown, Black and Blonde if they don't leave the room by holding the security guard's hand to aim the finger print activated gun. Brown just gives up and leaves - why not have the guard escort him out? If he spoke to the guard he would immediately be disqualified. If that happened the guard would break free from White's grasp, giving Black and Blonde a chance to subdue White.
    • White had just specifically told Brown that he didn't want the guard escorting him out (since he needed him to operate the gun), which was why he wouldn't let Brown spoil his paper to disqualify himself, but instead told him to walk out the door. And if Brown had done anything but walk out the door, including talk to the guard, White would have simply shot him.
  • What would happen if any member of the group had instantly answered "No" to the Invigilator's question of "Any questions?", perhaps out of reflex or simple habit? Do they win immediately?
    • Additionally, what if a member actually had a question and asked it? There were plenty of reasonable questions to ask, such as "What defines 'spoiling' the paper?"
      • They would have been disqualified. The exam isn't set up as a fair contest: There is now law but our law. The winning condition is not "answer the question", it's "prove yourself during the coming hour, then answer the question".
  • Why does the guard move when White pulls him? That isn't part of his job.
    • Neither is fighting him. The guard isn't just a guard, he's part of the exam as well.

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