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Headscratchers / Endtown

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  • So, what manner of animal is the Doc? I still can't figure it out, mostly because he doesn't seem to have a nose...

  • Serious question: if there is a huge food shortage, and 99% of meals are beans, why is there so much alcohol? You need food to make alcohol... grapes for wine, rice for sake, potatoes for vodka, etc. Where is this all coming from?
    • I would not strike out some kind of bean vodka. Beans are rich in carbohydrates, it's not impossible that in the wake of necessity they figured out a way.
      • I assumed that it was lack of variety, not food itself. Prof. Mallard had come up with a solution to the shortage after the first story arc. Every instance of mutants scrounging for food afterwards seemed to be of them looking for something else to eat besides Mallard's concoction. (See also: The Matrix).

  • More speculation than question here: is there, after all, something that influences what animal people become when exposed to the mutagen? Because now we have a whole colony of lizard people (with a few outliers), and it seems unlikely that they have just been roaming the land recruiting people from the many colonies around (and lived to start a colony of their own, even); meanwhile, Endtown(the only other colony we know so far) has hardly anyone who's the same species as anyone else, with two exceptions being the Fish People (who were high when exposed to mutagen) and the other evidence in favor of this, the rats. All security are rats. Either that is a really convenient coincidence, or we have some factor that drives people to become rats and also have some kind of military predisposition.
    • Well, Unity was something of a special case, self-selecting for reptiles through eugenics and execution. The Rats? Word of God says they were never human at all.

  • Jacob J. Jackrabbit fainted after Walter accidentally discharged a raygun behind his back. Yet a few story arcs further, he taunted Octavius Allgood with a smug smile on his face while staring directly down the barrel of a machine gun. Where did this sudden boost of confidence come from?
    • Just one of many cases of Character Derailment, that many characters have been affected with over the course of comic's run.