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  • Am I the only one who has a problem with the "abort" option on "Sk8er Boi"? I know it's supposed to sound official or whatever, but, uh...
    • They probably didn't think that one through... Maybe it was one of the earlier concept levels?
  • So is Mr. Virus a pervert, or just is he just willing to do anything to win?
    • Yes.
    • In this case, it's possible that he rapes Cap White when you lose, which would be natural, and remember that he is a virus: a virus opens cells, enters and reproduces with them, so, if he inflicts enough clothing damage, by completely destroying her clothes, he can rape her and reproduce to have more allies. Or he 's only a pervert, whatever. Some guy on the Fridge Logic page pointed this out.
  • The Rhombulans have frozen every musician on Earth, including the EBA. The E-B-A chant unfreezes them, but if it doesn't unfreeze anyone else...who's playing the music?
    • For the same reason "Without a Fight" plays. They just create the music themselves. (of course it's my WMG)
  • "September" implies that Sofie only has one son. But "Without a Fight" suggests that Sam's owner is also her son. Where was he during "September"?
    • Doesn't he appear in the ending to "September"?
    • Maybe they just happened to be put in the same cell and Sam's owner was looking for whatever comfort he could get, even from someone he didn't know.
    • Their parents are divorced, and the events of "September" was the one kid's weekend with his mom. Alternatively, and less cynical, Sam's owner is on a school basketball team, and he had practice that weekend.
  • It's pretty much known that Lucy's father had died. But what I'm trying to figure out is what exactly had happened to him? Last we hear from him, he left on a business trip and that was it.
    • I think it was implied that he died in a plane crash.
    • Lucy's mum explains that "Daddy was in an accident". Could be something as horrifyingly simple as a car crash.
  • One of the things that really bothered me. Why on earth do the EBA help the Carrington Sisters in "Material Girl"? It would be better if the sisters maybe learned survival techniques or how to do things for themselves, but all they do is charm animals into doing everything for them. They don't improve as people like everyone else in the game, they don't accomplish anything major, and they don't really have any serious problems - rather than "We have to find a way off this island", their problems are basically "I'm cold", "I'm hungry," "I'm hot" etc. In other words, selfish problems. And they get off the island at the end with no trouble anyway. I might be going around in circles a bit here, but it seems like they weren't really deserving of the EBA's help. They were basically spoilt rich airheads throughout the entire song and afterwards. In my opinion, the EBA should have left them stuck on the island.
    • Yes, leave them on the island and watch them starve to death! Because that's certainly what they deserve!
    • Yeah, they weren't EVIL, just whiny. The EBA isn't going to let them die if they requested their assistance by going HEAAAALLP.
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    • OP: I think people misread my post. I didn't say "The Carrington Sisters should have been left to die", I said they should have learned how to fend for themselves rather than just getting others to do everything for them. That way they could have become better people. Instead they ended the song just as spoilt and airheaded as they started it.
      • "Why on earth do the EBA help" were your exact words. People didn't misread your post, you just posted something dumb which apparently wasn't what you intended. (Dismissing hunger as a "selfish problem" didn't help your case either.)
  • The "Let's Dance" mission bugs me. The song has NOTHING to do with the level whatsoever. Granted, there are many other levels where the song and mission are only tangentially connected, but this one there's like... no relation at all between the song and level. Same deal with "Canned Heat". Couldn't they have found more appropriate songs to use?
    • Songs don't often have anything to do with the level.
    • I think "Let's Dance" kind of fits because of the lyrics that go "If you say run, I'll run with you. If you say hide, we'll hide. Because my love for you, would break my heart in two." The formerly rich oil baron is basically doing all this because his wife told him to and he loves her. (Even if she arguably doesn't deserve such love, gold digger that she is.) The "Canned Heat" song I think fits because of the lyrics "I had no choice but to get down, down, down, down! Dance! Nothing left for me to do but dance!" think of "getting down" and "dancing" as the ninja stuff and it fits because his father basically told him to get the plans or don't come back (if I remember right). Soo that's my take on why they chose those songs.
  • Why in every other level can the target just yell "HEEEEAAAALP!" once and have Kahn send the Agents out, but in "Without a Fight" it takes EVERYONE yelling "HEEEEAAALP!" repeatedly until the Agents finally show up? There didn't really seem to be any explanation for that other than Rule of Cool.
    • Perhaps they didn't all need to cry out for help, but were just not calling for help because of how dangerous the Rhombulans were? When they finally decide to call out for help, they figure that, if anyone can stop the Rhombulans, it's the EBA?
  • Okay, I realize this game operates 90% on Rule of Cool, but even I feel like I have to draw a line at Leo and Lisa appearing in one of the final group shots at the end of the game. I can believe that the EBA can travel through time, but how would Leo and Lisa be in the future? I can't imagine the EBA brought them to the future just in time for the apocalypse...
  • I understand that in a lot of the bad endings if you fail, the EBA can't really do anything about it - they can't keep the weather mom from losing her job, prevent the movie director from being fired, stop Lucy and her mother from having an emotional breakdown and moving away, etc. They mostly operate by non-interference, and the power of music wasn't enough to motivate them because they screwed up, and I get that. I also can at least figure that in events where it looks like a character's death is probable due to the EBA's failure (e.g. the bad endings of "Canned Heat," "Material Girl," "YMCA," and "ABC") and it's not something so large-scale that they couldn't prevent it ("Survivor," the aliens), they very likely could have helped the people involved off-screen so they didn't perish. But why on Earth does the EBA just watch Colonel die of thirst without doing a damn thing to help him?? Yes, his extreme spending on his gold-digger wife and probable poor money management (considering he didn't even notice the oil had run dry or that the money was in his wife's name) were certainly causative factors, but it certainly doesn't seem like death is a fitting punishment!


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