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  • OK, so Buzz Buzz comes from a bleak future and sends you on a quest to do that. Thus the Excuse plot. Now...YOU, with Ness' help, change the world and save it HOWEVER not only had you created a paradox (erasing the reason you were sent on this quest) NOW you travel back home and NO-ONE should remember you or how you saved the world, if anything these kids live out quiet lives from an adventure long past and that should mean the only thing that comes from this is Porky leaving and his message at the end of the game shouldn't even exist.
    • Are you implying that Giygas is a baby when you fight him? He is an adult, if I remember correctly. Or else he probably would have destroyed Pokey.
    • No, though the theory does not hold up anyway. The suggestion is that the kids went back to the past and destroyed Giygas, thus destroying the reason Buzz Buzz time traveled in the first place. However, that Giygas destroyed had time traveled himself with Porky. So yes, Buzz-Buzz's future never happened now but everything Giygas did in the present still did. To the people's perspective he simply would have vanished from the stop and since the psychic message to pray also time traveled they would have attributed it to Ness and friends.
  • Fly honey?!
    • An NPC in Threed explains that it's honey collected by flies.
      • Collected from where? I don't think bees would take kindly to flies collecting their honey. I'm being facetious. Actually, the NPC says "made", not "collected". "Bees make bee honey, and flies make fly honey!" Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some "human honey".
      • This troper thought that fly honey was made by flies. Not bees, flies, as in blow flies.
  • How does dad know you're beating people up and why does he encourage you for it by giving you money?
    • A Contrived Coincidence, maybe. While you fight/tame/whatever, dad makes money and puts it in your account before he calls. I only remember the dad saying to work hard or something, not 'here's money for hurting others.'
    • The game says that he gives you money for the enemy's bounty. So, Ninten/Ness/Lucas are bounty hunters? Who knew.
  • How does Ness get his hat back? He gets turned into a robot, sent into the distant past in another dimension, and his robot body is blown up centuries eons ago, hat with it. Then he wakes up in the Saturn Village still wearing it. What the heck?
    • Andonuts probably gave him another hat, but a better question would be why the hell would he give the robot Ness' hat in the first place? That'll just tip the enemies off that the robot is Ness!
      • Oh, like they wouldn't attack him anyways...
      • I'm guessing the hat was not in that other dimension and was just to tell which of the bots was Ness. Ness would know which bot he is, the audience...not so easily.
      • Well, technically, Ness has been at the front of the party the whole game, so it wouldn't be TOO hard.
      • Actually, I think Andonuts mentions that their spirits are in the robots. In fact, this IS the case, considering he couldn't transport living beings with the Phase Distorter. Perhaps Ness' hat is part of his soul?
      • I got the impression from the flashback scene to Ness' childhood (when he'd just been born), in which he displays his psychic powers right after his parents put the hat on him, that the hat was a source for his psychic powers, or a part of his soul. It's been a while since I played though, so I may be wrong.
      • That would probably explain why (in Mother 2, anyway) he's wearing his cap in Magicant while otherwise naked there.
  • More a bit of brain wonderings that anything that actually bugs me... But, during the Giygas battle "music" ,which is more background noises than anything, features electronic, machine-breaking type noises, right? And, during the final battle the Chosen Four are in robot bodies, right? What if these noises aren't the Devil's Machine (like I first assumed) but actually the noises of Ness and Co.'s robot bodies being torn apart by Giyga's attacks?
    • I think that you should put this under Fridge Horror.
  • In ONEtt, you meet Ness, the first party member. You meet the second one in TWOson, and you meet the third when you go to THREEd. So why do you not meet the fourth party member in FOURside? There aren't even any battles between the last time you're in Fourside and the town you meet your fourth member, so why couldn't they just have the sequence where he goes and meets the other characters happen like 10 minutes earlier to complete the theme?
    • Probably to give Summers more relevance to the overall plot as not much happens there besides Poo's introduction and joining. And the other events that do happen there (the magic cake and the hieroglyphs at the museum) involve Poo anyway.
    • Nowhere near relevant anymore, but I have to bring this up anyway. You meet Paula in Happy Happy Village, and Jeff you meet in Winters (alright, Ness doesn't but you, the player, do). I'd say Jeff is more the odd one out because Ness and Paula actually meet him in Threed, rather than an area near - or visited immediately after - one of the numbered towns.
  • Why does Buzz Buzz come to warn Ness anyways? Isn't Giygas just going to destroy Earth, or the universe? If only the Earth, then why does Buzz Buzz bother?
    • Giygas is a threat to the entire universe, as he has the power to "send all to the horror of eternal darkness." Therefore, it would be worth the effort of coming to Ness, one of the only four people in the universe capable of stopping him.
  • What's the deal with the Mani Mani battle sprites? On the overworld, it's gold, but when you fight it, it's blue. Okay, but when you fight Ness's Nightmare, it's a pallete swap of the Mani Mani, recoloured to Did they mix up which was which?
    • No. Moonside's messed-up color scheme is part of the Mani-Mani's attempt to Mind Screw with Ness and Jeff - down to the point where it changes its own color.
  • Why does Lucas have a Japanese name in his games (excluding Brawl which gives him a western one internationally)? I thought he was supposed to be a typical white, American boy.
    • Mother 3 does not take place in Eagleland. Neither Lucas', nor his families' ethnicity or nationality are ever stated.
    • The Japanese version uses the French pronunciation of Lucas' name. Since the French usually don't pronounce the "s" unless it's followed by an "e", it's pronounced /ly:ka/.
  • How do Ness's parents know at the beginning of the game that Ness is about to embark on some kind of adventure? Initially, he's just leaving to help Pokey find Picky, and does intend to come back, so that leaves one to wonder why they'd each be giving him a pep talk. (The cutscene before Magicant does explain how they know about his PK potential, but not how they know about the prophecy of the Chosen Four.) And, for that matter, how does Ness's dad know he and his family are even awake?
    • That dialogue was there just in case the player didn't come back home after getting the message from Buzz Buzz, and instead headed straight for the Giant Step. It's out of place, but necessary to ensure the player knows how to save and whatnot.
  • Does anybody have any theories as to why the heck Ninten isn't doing anything about all this? He doesn't even make so much as a cameo, and he of all people would want to do something to help stop Giygas.
    • Maybe he is, just offscreen. It should be understood that the path one explores for their journey does not constitute the world in its entirety, and that Ninten lived in a completely different part of the world from Ness.
    • There's not really anything to suggest that they're direct sequels or even part of the same universe other than recycling the villain's name. There are no recurring characters, no cameos, no plot links, no cross references, not one thing tying one game to the other. No reference is ever made to Giygas's past, either. A lot of fan theories assume they're tied together somehow or that Giygas at least is the same character, but you may be surprised by how little evidence of that you'll find in-game.
    • Alternatively, in the English version Giygas is stated to be carrying out his invasion from the distant past. Considering Earthbound Beginnings takes place no more than a decade before Earthbound, this means that Giygas traveled likely traveled back in time to the past and performed a Ret Gone that erased his defeat by Ninten from history.
  • Given that Paula is supposed to have some powerful psionic powers, why didn't she use those to fend off Pokey and Carpainter? It's like, she gets captured and Ness has to rescue her all because the plot demands it.
    • if I remember correctly Paula is incredibly weak when she joins you and doesn't have many PSI abilities yet. She was probably overpowered by Carpainter and Pokey. Besides, no one says they didn't bring other Happy Happyists to help them
    • Interestingly, no gameplay/story segregation need take place. She starts with PSI Freeze alpha, more than enough to dispatch a low tier enemy or level 1 character, but nowhere near enough to one shot Carpainter. She seemingly has the Franklin Badge, but his basic physical deals more than enough damage to deplete all of her health in one go, so he has no need to even use the Crashing Boom Bang attack. In story terms, she could probably defeat an ordinary kidnapper, but Carpainter is apparently empowered by the Mani Mani (where else is he getting PSI Thunder beta?) and hence was capable of overpowering her. To say nothing about the advantage of numbers, who knows how many cultists assisted. By contrast, Ness goes in fully armed, forewarned about his powers and carrying the exact tool that reflects them, and with some considerable combat experience, after having bashed his way through the throng of cultists to face Carpainter alone.
  • Why is Ness the focus of the prophecy when Paula's the one who actually defeats Giygas?
    • Ness rescued Paula. Without Ness, Paula wouldn't be able to defeat Giygas.
    • Nes does the majority of the work throughout the game and in addition it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that that in-universe Paula is really no more responsible for the defeat of Giygas than the Runaway Five. OR YOU AND ME. We were the ones who contributed the last bit remember?
  • Is the Starman (and its variants) named after the David Bowie song or not?
    • Considering there's also a boss called Diamond Dog, almost certainly.
  • How the hell does the Escargo Express guy make it into Moonside, considering Moonside is you having a trippy nightmare and you're really just zonked out in a warehouse but you still get the items permanently and oh god I've gone crosseyed.
  • Rust Promoters work on Wooly Shamblers, but not Starmen? To be fair, the former are known as Suisui and Suudararatta in Japan, but c'mon, they look completely organic (even though they do fire beams, which Starmen also do), while Starmen have visors, buttons, and shiny, obviously metallic bodies, things we associate with robots (even though we don't normally associate tentacles with those). What gives?
  • How exactly does this game's prophecy look from a logical standpoint in Buzz Buzz's time? "Legend tells us that three boys and a girl killed the evil Giygas ten years ago. Except they clearly didn't, since Giygas is still around destroying everything. So we'll need to find a way to time travel back so we can tell them that they were supposed to be doing something someone else said they did but they never did!" Don't we usually discard our prophecies once they turn out to be false? Or did Buzz Buzz just think it would have been nice if this one had actually come to pass and tried to make it self-fulfilling? (Especially considering he gives Ness the Sound Stone, which Ness needed to succeed. So he never had a chance the first time...)
  • Out of Universe: How the hell did they get away with Paula's "pray" command in the localization? Nintendo America had a very strict policy against religious references.
  • How does something so small as piggy jelly (known as pig youkan in Mother 2), just a small block of gelatin, recover so much as 300 HP? I know it's the very last food item introduced in the game, but still...

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