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Headscratchers / Dragon's Lair

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  • Why are Dirk and Daphne living in a relatively poor-looking cottage when she's a Princess and they both had access to all of Singe's treasure within?
    • Raising nine children is expensive.
    • Well, it's actually a combination of a cottage and a castle. Also, it's built almost literally right next to Singe's castle and it appears they're using it as construction materials for their own house. Given Daphne's mother appears to be a Viking, it's also probably pretty swanky compared to their usual digs as it's about the 900s or so.
  • The question "Wait, is the fluid on the prehistoric level water or lava?" will strike your mind at least twice during the entire game. The second time is the Egyptian level.
    • Mordroc specifically calls it mud in the actual game, however.
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  • Also, how come that the chandelier on the Beethoven level still doesn't fall, despite his cat already panning it in and out while chasing Dirk?
  • How does Daphne maintain her figure after nine kids?
    • She puts up a decent fight in the comic against all those kidnapping attempts.
  • How DOES a wizard have a time-machine for a brother?
  • Err, what did Singe want Daphne for, exactly?
    • He's either a wizard shape-changed into a dragon (explaining all the weirdness around his castle) or considers Daphne valuable for purely aesthetic reasons.
    • In the comics, he regards human women as aesthetic and amusing servant pets. Especially once thy've been subjected to the Bubble of Helotry.

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