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  • During the Ginyu Saga, Captain Ginyu states that the Future Warrior's potential power isn't as great as Goku's. Is this just a fault of the scouter, or is Ginyu making a somewhat accurate assessment? Because if that were true, why didn't Shenron just summon Goku to become the warrior Trunks asked for? Shouldn't the Future Warrior have tons of potential power, or even a lot of power at the start of his/her summoning? If Trunks asked for someone that would potentially have to fight Majin Buu, you'd think Shenron would've sent someone more powerful than Namek Saga Goku.
    • One could assume it was because the Future Warrior was masking his power level. Remember, the FW's job is to make sure history goes the way it should, which includes Ginyu switching with Goku. If the FW were to use their full power, it may draw Ginyu's attention towards them and not Goku, so they make themselves purposely weak. Of course, Fridge Logic comes in if the FW is a Majin or Freeza Clan.
      • Majins and Freeza clans characters aren't as strong as Buu and Freeza. If Goku is training a Majin, he mentions he hopes they become as strong as Kid Buu. Dragon Ball Online also mentioned that the Majin race are not all as strong as the Majin Buus, though they can train to be stronger.
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    • It seems Shenron summoned a warrior who was capable of learning a wide range of techniques and advancing very quickly, rather than someone who was already a powerhouse. The story seems to suggest you're always a little less powerful than Goku at that point in time. The villains are always capable of providing a threat for instance.
      • Masters will also repeat how important it is to train more and get stronger. The Future Warrior gets progressively better throughout the main quest, the same as Goku and company.
    • It should be noted that he only actually says that towards a Saiyan FW; something along the lines, "Although they are both Saiyans, their potential is totally different!". And, well, he's right; the FW can't reach SSJ3 like Goku can. For other races, though, he doesn't mention anything regarding their potential.
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    • Also, achieving SSJ3 isn't truly an accurate indicator of overall power. Word of God states that the base Super Saiyan form is potentially the most powerful transformation, and the other transformations, while initially stronger than the base transformation at that point in the manga/anime, have hard upper limits that the base form can eventually surpass. Since the FW can achieve Super Saiyan, their potential could be higher than Goku's.

  • In the DLC GT Pack 1, Time Patrol Trunks tells the Future Warrior that the GT saga is an alternate timeline. Yet if you happen to pit GT Goku (Kid form, not Super Saiyan 4) against Beerus, GT Goku will mention that it's been a while since he last saw him. So which is the real explanation? GT is an alternate timeline? GT happens in the main timeline? Or does the game go for a third option and make GT an alternate timeline where Battle of Gods still happens?
    • It's possible that Goku from the GT timeline still met Beerus, and possibly fought him in Other World as in the beginning of Battle of Gods, but Beerus then didn't go to Earth because he wasn't looking for the Super Saiyan God for some reason.
    • While that is a good theory to my question, another thing that kinda condricts it would be if you take Beerus' special dialogue against Super Saiyan 4 Goku into account, since Beerus mentions Super Saiyan 4 being "A bit different from your god form".
      • That's possibly because the Beerus that appears in the game is the 'main' timeline Beerus, so he remembers a Goku who went Super Saiyan God, while this Goku did not.
      • Except judging by the way Goku responds, he seems to know what Beerus was talking about.
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    • Keep in mind that the Trunks you interact with throughout most of the game is the Trunks who lived in the Android apocalypse timeline. The GT Trunks is an alternate timeline from his perspective; a timeline where the Androids were defeated when Trunks was a baby and he grew up happy and (fairly) safely.
  • Why is Towa's plan to have Mira go and kill both Goku and Majin Buu duriing the Buu saga? I get that she wants revenge for Dabura's death, but wouldn't it make more sense to just prevent it from happening in the first place? Have them go back to before Buu is unsealed, kill Babidi, get Dabura, problem solved.
    • Dabura's death was what motivated Towa to interfere in history in the first place. So, if she saves him, then she would rewrite her own history. That's not a good risk to take.
      • That's not how time travel works in the Dragon Ball universe. Trunks rewrote the crap out of his own past, and all that accomplished was creating an alternate timeline where things didn't go badly.
      • That's how it worked for Trunks, yeah, but Towa is different. She can change timelines instead of creating new ones. Hence why you have to undo all her changes. If you want a good example, look at how she nearly Ret Gone'd Time Patrol Trunks. She didn't make an alternate timeline, she just rewrote his.

  • Sooo... what's with the giant golden Hercule Statue at the Time Machine Launch Bay? Couldn't they have picked someone else, considering all the guys working here are time travellers and know what really happened? I mean sure, Herc was the one who got everybody to feed Goku's spirit bomb against Buu, but the only saga where he does anything particularly significant is the Buu Saga. Is he the only character maybe with the gall to have a statue of himself built in commemoration?
    • Well, he was the only character who never died even once, and in Dragon Ball, that's a hell of an accomplishment.
      • Plus, while the Z-fighters didn't like Hercule's boasting and the fabrications of what happened, they tolerated him on the grounds that, as a Fake Ultimate Hero, he was inadvertently helping the Z-fighters hide themselves from the spotlight which they stated they didn't want. So having a sort of decoy mascot got the pressure off of them. It's also of note that, despite being a blustering blowhard, Hercule is a genuinely good guy and insanely brave given the risks he takes compared to his power level, and the Z-fighters probably realize that and are fine with him having his little piece of limelight.
      • What confuses me more is the fact that he never even got that status in the timeline you're in. Time Patrol Trunks is Future Trunks, the one from the ruined future. That's why he's always so serious.
      • Think of the main timeline with the Hercule we all know and love as the 'true' timeline. Chronoa (supreme kai of time) cemented that as she allowed the change to stay, though not without keeping that version of Trunks around]. Toki Toki city is a hub-world based on that true timeline as a root.

  • Why don't any missions go to events in the original Dragon Ball series?
    • More people in the game's target market are familiar with the anime than the manga, especially the long-running Dragon Ball Z with its numerous spinoffs and movies, rather than the relatively short-lived original Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball was also significantly different in tone compared to Z and wouldn't fit in quite so well.
    • Percel has that era under control, and the Time Warrior knows better than to try to poach his territory.
      • Also, that would require them to balance out characters who can not fly.

  • Another GT question, why haven't Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. appeared yet?
    • They didn't really have much of a fight in the Anime. They'd basically have to copy and paste Goku and Vegeta's moves to them. In other words... A re-skinned GT Goku and mini Vegeta. Although it would be cool to play as them in a game someday.

  • Here's a really good one! In the Ginyu Saga Ginyu in Goku's body used Goku's Kamehameha to kill him when he was stuck in Vegeta's body. Problem is... Ginyu can't use the abilities of the person he swapped with. This has been proven in the Anime and even games before Xenoverse. In fact Ginyu had no trouble using our abilities when he accidentally switched with us. Even more confusing is the fact that when we were in Ginyu's body we could only use his abilities. All this evidence supports the fact that Ginyu couldn't have used abilities that weren't his own.
    • It isn't that Ginyu can't use them, but more accurately he has to figure out how to use them. It was dub only that Ginyu was said to get weaker, but it was simply that he didn't know how to use the kaioken. s for the Future Warrior, they are a much faster learner, as their real strength lies in their talent in mimicry. Watching Ginyu fight allows the Future Warrior to know how to use his moves, while Ginyu lacks the same kind of insight.

  • During the GT Saga, Great Ape Baby Vegeta gets sucked into the wormhole...but then during the fight with Omega Shenron, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta shows up, and Gogeta HELPS you fight the Final Battle with Super 17, Omega Shenron, and is this even possible given Baby is in Vegeta's body when he gets sucked into the future?

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