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This is a page of things that (besides the premise) people don't understand about [1].

  • In the episode where Chloe goes missing after Avery and Tyler were left in charge of her: I understand why Tyler wouldn't take Chloe, but why didn't Avery? I mean, she was just going to the bookstore, and it's not like she would have to buy anything for Chloe. She's the more responsible one. You'd think she'd at least have thought about bringing her baby sister...
    • As an older sibling myself, I'd probably hate to take my sibling anywhere. When my sister was her age, she was a nightmare to take anywhere.
  • Why did Wes move to New York City?
    • In one episode of Jessie, Mr. Moseby meets Jessie and immediately calls Cody to tell him someone looks EXACTLY like Bailey. It's probably something similar.

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