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Headscratchers / Disturbia

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  • So why couldn't Kale call the police on those bratty children who were bothering him, rather than letting them get away with their behavior when he was on house arrest? Those kids should have thanked their lucky stars that they weren't my neighbors!
    • He couldn't really do anything. The cops were headed by his teacher's cousin, who really disliked Kale for what he did to his cousin.
  • How did Officer Gutiérrez wind up as Kale's house arrest supervisor, or otherwise on call for his ankle monitor? Given the 'victim' was his cousin, wouldn't it be a blatant conflict of interest?
  • Another one... How were those brats able to know that Kale was on house arrest, because during a scene with them, they mock Kale for hitting his teacher.
    • Small suburban neighborhood. They probably heard either their parents older siblings / cousins talk about it.
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  • What exactly was Ronnie running away from in the garage if it wasn't Turner?
  • How did the garage door close?
    • I used to work as a janitor in an apartment building, there were doors who closed automatically for security reasons after 1 minute. Pretty handy to be honest.


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