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Headscratchers / Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

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  • If the world is supposedly barren of people and towns, where did Golbez get enough people to man the whole airship fleet he commands against the party at the end of Chapter 8? Is it the humanoid-ish enemies such as those knights? An army of manikins? Do manikins control Kefka's magitek armors as well?
    • Someone hasn't played Final Fantasy IV. In that game, monsters could interact with doors and were seen in airships. Seeing how the world of Opera Omnia is composed of the worlds of every Final Fantasy, it's not too much of a stretch to assert his airship works according to that law.
  • If Materia only wants to erase the unpleasant memories from her warriors, how come Squall has all his memories up to the end of FFVIII but Zell and Quistis don't? There are a couple instances of weird memory gaps like this that aren't consistent across the board and it's unclear as to why. Furthermore, the entire cast of VI has memories of the World of Ruin, which is pretty traumatic, but they were allowed to keep them anyway.
    • Materia's recent declaration of this also contradicts the characters' realization that they erased their own memories.

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