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Headscratchers / Diamonds Are Forever

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  • Mr. Wynt's and Mr. Kidd's Bond Villain Stupidity. They had an unconscious Bond at their mercy twice and fail to kill him. Is there any reason why they didn't just put a bullet or two in Bond's head or killed him in any other way? I can only think of "The movie would be over if Bond dies" as the reason why they suddenly have an aversion to killing Bond directly.

  • When Bond asks Moneypenny if he can bring anything back for her, she responds, "A diamond, in a ring." This is a monumentally inappropriate thing to say to a man who's wife was recently murdered.
    • Unless, of course, you believe the 'Bond is a codename' theory - which, between Lazenby's "other feller" remark and this movie making reference to Connery having been on vacation, is fairly plausible. Connery's Bond did NOT lose his wife, while Lazenby's (potentially the same person as Moore's) did.
      • If ‘James Bond’ is just a codename, why did Theresa take the surname ‘Bond’ as her married name?
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    • Or the theory that Bond at the beginning was tracking Blofeld after YOLT, and therefore OHMSS never happened.

  • When Bond, posing as Peter Franks, suggests using the real Franks' body to transport the diamonds, how does he know there's a mortician that's part of the smuggling ring that can retrieve the diamonds?
  • Why is Peter Franks apparently the only person in the diamond smuggling pipeline that hasn't been involved in prior operations? Was it common practice to kill the mule? That would explain why Tree and Slumber didn't seem to think anything of the attempted murder of "Franks".

  • Does Bond have weird, misogynist, sex-based "Female Competence" destroying powers? Chase gets with him and goes from a (presumably) competent, no-nonsense Action Girl smuggler to a complete and utter bimbo.

  • Why is Bond on this case at all? There's no indication the smuggling operation has anything to with the UK. It was from South Africa to the Netherlands to the United States.
    • It's explained in the novel that England is so closely tied in to the diamond business that, yes, the above affects them enough to get one of their agents involved.

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  • Why kill everyone in the diamond smuggling pipeline? Blofeld was about to publicly blackmail the world with a Kill Sat. He couldn't have cared about them talking and the deaths would only draw attention to both the smuggling and the real operation. If he really wanted to silence everyone, wouldn't it make more sense to do it after the plan is completed?

  • Why didn't Wint and Kidd kill Tiffany Case before Bond (posing as Franks)? Everyone else in the chain was apparently killed in the order they came into contact with the diamonds.

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