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  • Was there not some other way to explain Roger's knowledge that Pikachu can't use moves without instantly jumping to him being the mastermind? Keith had plenty of time to casually gossip about that to literally any one of his co-workers at GNN. It certainly does cast suspicion on Roger, but Roger could've easily just claimed that Keith ran into him during the GNN incident and dropped it to him during conversation. Instead of trying to defend himself, he just comes in and starts immediately evil monologuing.
How can Detective Pikachu speak to ONLY Tim, of all humans? Team Rocket's Meowth can speak and everyone can understand it.
  • Moreover, in the opening cutscene, we see that Tim's father's Pikachu has no irises around his eyes. After Pikachu's flashback finishes, we see him with brown irises. Is there any form of connection between Pikachu and his father?
    • I have a weird thought that somehow, someway, Detective Pikachu IS Tim's father. That probably won't be seen until a sequel, if one is ever made.
    • It is noted by other characters that Pikachu didn't start drinking coffee and eating sweets until after the accident, both of which are traits Harry had. While Pikachu himself is unlikely to be Harry since he has flashes of memories as a Pikachu pre-accident (that he keeps flirting with women despite Harry's married status is also something to consider), he keeps remembering more and more throughout the game and Mewtwo specifically states he made the promise with Pikachu, he may have somehow inherited Harry's personality, either via Mewtwo's psychic powers or due to whomever or whatever caused Harry to disappear after the accident.
  • How would falling cameras have killed Tim? Injured him, definitely, but at worst, that accident would've just caused him an overnight stay at the hospital. Serious, but still far from fatal.
    • Death or severe brain damage from an object falling on your head is actually more realistic than simply being knocked out. See Tap on the Head.
    • Even losing a day would have completely derailed Tim's investigation. He was Just in Time for so many things, there was never a moment to lose. And the police certainly weren't able to pick up any slack.
    • I sincerely doubt that the accident was intended to kill Tim. Most likely, he just wanted to put him out of commission for a while. Excluding the obvious out of universe reasons (those being the fact that it's a E for Everyone/3 ages+ rated game), the characters only ever refer to it as an "accident" set up by Keith. Plus, although Keith/Roger may have been evil enough to try and outright kill someone, I sincerely doubt that Max would have gone along with the plan for his own benefits if he figured it was intended to kill someone (he would've figured it was aimed at Carina, rather then Tim, though).
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  • How could Tim know what moves Pikachu is capable of just by looking at him?

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