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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Tom Clancy novel

  • Why would Clark be worried about the ADDO learning about the drug dealer murders he committed in Without Remorse? As of Executive Orders, he has a Presidential pardon for that signed by Jack Ryan. Said event could potentially end up being embarrassing to Ryan's reelection campaign (Which didn't exist at the time that this issue was brought up), depending on how Kealty attempts to spin it if he learns of it, but Clark can't be prosecuted for that.
    • Having not read DOA, this may have been addressed, but the President cannot pardon state crimes. Clark killing the drug dealers were all Maryland state felonies with no statute of limitations, so unless the Governor signed off on it (and a call from the President probably would have done that), he's still on the hook.
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    • In the worst case scenario, he also has a very high chance of jury nullification.
    • If memory serves, John Kelly does try to flee on his boat in order to fake his death and become John Clark. This troper can't remember if it's mentioned, but it's entirely possible that this would make it a federal investigation, and covered under the President's jurisdiction.
    • John Kelly is also a government employee (for the CIA) during the time period he commits his crimes - they can assert federal jurisdiction on this basis.
    • In addition to the part where this entire case is a giant multi-jurisdictional mess once all the separate pieces are revealed to be part of one single crime spree (heroin is being imported from Asia by being smuggled in via the coffins of US military servicemembers killed in Vietnam, then processed and sold to a major "made man" of a Mafia family, then shipped across several states, and then witnesses are killed in multiple states as part of covering up this criminal conspiracy? How many separate agencies and police departments are potentially invited in by all of this? Ten? Twelve?), parts of John Kelly's own crime spree occurs onboard a boat in navigable coastal waters, which is the Coast Guard's jurisdiction.
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    • It gets better. While the original police investigation wouldn't know about this, once John confesses to everything he does, that includes killing the guy in New Orleans and the dude he executes via pressure chamber on the island. At this point he's killed people in multiple states and on federal land.
  • At the beginning of Teeth of the Tiger, 56MoHa murders a Mossad agent in the men's room of a restaurant. At the end of the book, Jack Jr kills 56MoHa in the same restroom. The knife that 56MoHa used to kill the Israeli is found on his body, with some traces of the victim's blood still on it. Said knife was sent for DNA testing. That means that it is quite likely that the Italian public knows that an Israeli diplomat was murdered in a restaurant, and that his killer died of an apparent heart attack in the exact same room a couple months later. Why didn't anyone comment on this in Dead or Alive? Why didn't the Emir come to the conclusion that this was no coincidence and that the Mossad was sending him a return message?
    • Most likely because said Emir assumed that the killers weren't Mossad—the Israelis might have realized the identity of the COS's killer only after Mohammed Hassan al-Din died.
      • And nobody else came to the highly plausible conclusion that the Mossad had done it? If nothing else the Mossad would probably want the world to think that they had avenged the murder of an Israeli diplomat.
  • Is it me, or do parts of the novel itself have the feel of "events prior to Teeth of the Tiger?" Fa'ad living—himself having been shredded by a streetcar after being poisoned, Yuriy's execution—he was already dead in Tiger...
    • I can't speak as to the former, but the latter was never named explicitly in TOTT, so it could be another guy who got offed instead.

Video game franchise

  • A lot of people seem to think that earlier games implied Ship Tease between Hayabusa and Kasumi. Upon reflection I really don't see this. Anyone care to give specific examples and in what instance?
    • Probably just shipping goggles. People will see romantic implications between the most unlikely of characters. If two good friends suddenly start arguing due to a stressful situation, it's "obviously" underlying sexual tension, and not just genuine irritation. Likewise, they will pair someone up with a "rival" that character barely acknowledges, just because they like that pairing, regardless of how unlikely it is. Shippers are odd that way.
  • Can someone please explain about Kasumi, Project Alpha, Kasumi Alpha, Alpha-152 and any other Kasumis
    • I am getting confused can someone please explain about Kasumi, Project Alpha, Kasumi Alpha, Alpha-152 and any other Kasumis, I know that there is at least three Kasumis in Dead or Alive 5 but what confuses me is the Hooded Kasumi is she one of the three Kasumis or is she Kasumi Alpha or Alpha-152?
      • Based on what was seen in the cutscenes in DOA 5, there is more than one Alpha. The playable one in game is simply number 152 of a series. Presumable, the hooded Kasumi we see in the end is yet another one that simply wasn't destroyed during the ending.
      • Kasumi α is a clone of Kasumi made by DOATEC, they later modified her genome further and turned her into Alpha-152. The clone Kasumi is implied to be another product of this project (Project Alpha). The hooded Kasumi on the other hand is Phase-4, which is an improved model of Kasumia α/Alpha-152.
  • On a similar note. Can somebody explain where the heck all the backstory and explanations for this series comes from? The games are generally a confusing mess and I don't honestly know where to go to find what's canon outside the wiki, and then, where did all that information come from?
  • Why does Mai have No Dub for You -status? It makes sense for the VF characters, since that's the way their home series always handles it (the anime doesn't count), but Mai has had an English VA in the Maximum Impact spinoff games, so either rehiring Sheryl Stanley or finding a different English VA wouldn't be too unthinkable.
    • Likely because SNK currently has no English voice for Mai in their own games as well.
  • Virtua Fighter gets four playable guest characters (half of which are male), but SNK gets only two, with no sign of fan-favorite Terry Bogard (who has appeared in almost every other crossover game involving SNK)?