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Headscratchers / Dark Souls II

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  • What exactly are the primal bonfires? There's no lore at all as far as this troper can discover and apparently no mention in the other games either. It appears to be purely a game mechanic to quickly return to Majula after beating one of the great souls holders.
    • From what I can tell, it's a bonfire enhanced by the presence of the Great Soul who inhabits the area nearby. They may be something specific to this version of the Age of Fire, created by the beings who lived in those areas.
  • Duke's Dear Freya is mentioned as having Seath's Soul, or at least part of it. As important as Seath was to the plot of Dark Souls, it's implied Dragons don't have souls (due to predating the first flame) and the one recovered from Seath was part of Gwyn's Soul that was bequeathed upon him. So what gives with suddenly Seath having a soul, apparently capable of mutating a spider into something monstrous?
    • Dragons possess souls. You can collect them when you kill any of the dragons encountered in the game. They don't have a distinct soul associated with that dragon, but they nonetheless possess souls that can be collected. Also keep in mind that Seath was bequeathed a part of the Lord Soul by Gwyn, and thus the Old Paledrake Soul may have been that, which was passed down through the cycles. The Great Souls are each implied to be the parts of the Lord Soul.
  • What exactly IS the Giant's Kinship anyway? It's the last thing needed to get to the Throne of Want, but it doesn't actually explain what it is, what it does or why it's so important. All the text description tells you is some flowery prose about basically how being a king makes you see what you want to see (I think, it still doesn't make sense to me). Can anyone possibly explain it to me?
    • Considering that it's implied to be what gave Vendrick the power to make and control the Golems, it seems to be some kind of genetic blueprint for the Giants as a race. If the Giant Lord is meant to be the Ultimate Giant like how Vendrick is the ultimate human, it makes sense that he would be the boss to carry it.

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