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Headscratchers / Dark Seed

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  • Doing things in our world, such as opening doors and placing objects, affects things in the Dark World. Exactly what does this look like for Dark World denizens when Mike's in the light world? Doors opening seemingly randomly and things flying around of their own volition?
    • Since there is a Dark world denizen for everyone in the real world, would it be so strange if the counterparts were synced in some way?
  • How does magnetizing the pole help Mike win the ring toss when trying to hit the pole was never his problem? He needed to aim higher so that it could go around the pole, right?
    • The animation always looked to me like he was launching it too far to the right.
  • If Dark Worlders turn into statues when they die, why is the Hall of Death full of bones? Have other humans somehow ended up there besides Mike?
    • They got really crappy statues.
  • What did real life Mike Dawson do to piss off Cyberdreams? There must be some reason they suddenly decided to turn the character into a whiny, wimpy bitch.
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  • Mike's father was an insurance salesman. So why did Mike's mother claim when he died he left her no insurance?
  • If Mike's father died of cancer, why does Mayor Flemming say he found Mike's father slumped over his work desk the night he died as if he died from a heart attack?
    • Depends on the cancer. For example, amyloidosis is a form of bone marrow cancer that causes abnormal proteins to build up in the heart. The heart weakens until it simply quits. There's no precursor to when it hits, you simply black out and never wake back up.
  • How was Dawson's Mother's head exploding supposed to explain anything?
    • She was about to explain everything. The Ancients made her head explode before she could speak.
  • If those from the Dark World are unable to cross over, how did the embryo get in Mike's head?

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