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  • Okay, I am watching the series now in RAW. However, the Five-Man Band formation confuses the hell outta me (even more than Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's). Red, Yellow and Pink mostly got their positions right. But Black and Blue... which one is The Lancer and which one is The Smart Guy? Black seems to be the guy who's making strategies (being The Chessmaster), showing his Smart Guy qualifications. And he did it a lot of times. While Blue did it once in the episode fighting the Rhino monster. Unless there's some episodes I missed (that episode was the 38th's or somewhere, and I watched that when I was a kid, so maybe Blue only shows his Smart Guy more between episodes 17 to 37?). As for The Lancer position, once again Black is usually the second to answer the roll call after Red, a spot usually reserved for lancers. So... does this mean Black takes both positions? If that was the case, which one is Blue's spot on the band?

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  • I based Goggle Blue's spot based on his inventor habits. And that this position, I've seen on this wiki, is usually filled by a young guy (Voltron, Voltes V, Combattler V and Gatchaman, for example). I guess Black and Blue can share this position.

  • Well it could work if the age difference is that obvious. Black and Blue seems to be about the same age, so it's even more confusing. At any rate, fixed for now...
    • Second thought, I take back my words, seeing that some people do consider that a Sentai Smart Guy's fighting style revolves to lots and lots of quick and flip attacks, and Goggle Blue seems to prefer that kind of style. Fixed on both accounts... AGAIN.

  • There's something that kinda bugs me about Goggle Pink. Some say that she is based on Cutey Honey, but other than her Master of Disguise trait, I can't find anything else that seems to link her with Honey. The Master of Disguise trait have been a staple of Super Sentai, ever since Himitsu Sentai Goranger, so if we go by that logic, Goggle Pink's predecessors (Momoranger, Heart Queen, Miss America, Denzi Pink) would've be called like that as well, but they're not. So... how do we explain this? My guess is that maybe she is the first to introduce 'just change outfit by just spinning' (which seems to be a trait of Cutey Honey herself in terms of changing disguise), but considering I haven't watched Goggle Five's predecessors, I cannot assume just like that without confirmation...
    • She did the spinning. But it was if properly recalled Denzi Pink that did the first instant clothes change, thing. Momoranger and the earlier ones needed to physically change their clothes, with no apparant magic involved.
      • Didn't the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series feature the same thing? And that was in the 1970s.

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