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The TV Series

     A mole in the Secret Service 
  • Agent Hurst being The Mole really doesn't make a ton of sense if you think about it. Kyle mentions that his coming on the trip was last-minute decision, made only two days prior to the trip because the President had a change of plans. As he points out, this proves the kidnpping wasn't about him, since it would have taken longer than two days to set up the scheme. This begs the question: Why did these kidnappers have a mole in the Secret Service if they don't know that the President's son (and by extension, his Secret Service detail) would be on the trip when they were planning this?
    • Perhaps it was a very last-minute decision?
    • Which also points to at least one other mole in the Secret Service, who would have access to Secret Service protection information and duty rosters. The possibility of the President's son being in the bus convoy may have been factored in by the kidnappers in the event they needed to deal with the added protection.
    • This may be confirmed, as one of Gibson's henchpeople is a cop.
      • Confirmed in the 3rd episode. Hurst made the intentional change.

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