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Deji has a lot of instances that just confuse us viewers.

  • Why does Deji have so many crying babies in his thumbnails?
  • If he doesn't want to be Mistaken for Gay, why does he keep making it seem like he's gay?
  • In October of 2013, Deji makes a video on why FIFA 14 sucks. In February of 2014, he makes the same video again. He uses the same thumbnail and everything.
  • For some reason, in the last little skit in this video the door to Deji's room literally opens by itself. So when Deji got caught masturbating by his mum, was that a sound clip or was she actually there? Why not have her open the door to begin with?
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  • How come his video titles rarely have an indication on what game he's playing?
  • Why does he seem to win all of his accent challenges with family members just because he says so?
  • In his deleted Halloween video, Deji is unable to notice the killer behind him just because he hides his knife when he turns.
    • When Deji sits down to eat, the killer stabs the plate for no apparent reason.
  • One of Deji's KSI Is Stupid videos is named "Pussy" and features a woman on the thumbnail. It is never referred to again in the video.
  • What kind of interviewer would ask questions like "Have you ever sucked a dick?" to a guy?
  • In this video, you can see Deji playing a game. But it includes a lot of blips like an old Atari game, and he's using an Xbox controller. Huh?
    • He also plays for one second while randomly hitting all the buttons and triggers before he dies.
    • Also, he reads a book and randomly falls asleep. He's also reading said book upside down.
    • Why would Jide ask for Deji to turn his music down if he's playing it with the volume at two?
    • When Deji shows an A+ to his mom, she says that he can do better. How?
  • In his Pussy Station video, he shows the viewer a condom that he has on the ground, and yells that he isn't a virgin. They're new unused condoms, mind you.
    • Also, he mentions that he's had sex with a total of six girls on his bed, including his own mother.
  • This is sort of a fridge example, but in his Destroying FIFA 13 video he runs the disc under a faucet, getting it wet. Little did Deji know that wetting a disc does virtually nothing to it.
  • In his iPhone 6 video, he says that Siri is now a person behind your phone and not just an AI. Huh?
    • Can we just appreciate how the Apple senior vice president is named Big Dick?
    • Apple's idea of safety is allowing the phone to see everything its user is doing.
    • The phone has a taser for literally no reason.
    • When Deji gets shocked by said taser, he falls down and gets back up with a full head of hair. WHAT?
  • Deji's idea of making a parody of a logo is just slapping his name over part of the logo. Case in point, FPS Deji.
  • More of a fridge example in the "BLACK RUSSIAN" video: Deji probably knew that his assistant was hostile and pretty much useless. So why keep him, and why give him a gun?
    • A gunshot wound would show a LOT more blood than what Deji showed to the camera (which was only a few small drops).
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    • Also, Deji gets shot in the shoulder but the blood appears at a slightly different area.
    • Why is his assistant wearing a ski mask anyway?
      • Deji mentions he works for the KGB and can't show his identity, so that may be why.
  • How come Deji always shows up with a new girlfriend every few months, apart from Olivia?

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