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Headscratchers / Choujin Sentai Jetman

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  • OK, so in the finale it's implies that Gai doesn't tell Ryu he's been stabbed since that would ruin the wedding. Won't it ruin the wedding even more when they discover his corpse sitting on the bench?!
    • Seems like because Gai thinks he's going to die anyway, and better give his blessing before he passed on, rather than just no-show at the wedding, ruin the wedding because of it, and either way, they're still going to find out his corpse and get saddened anyway.
  • Why did Grey's tears make Rie's body disintegrate?
    • Most likely she wasn't entirely human anymore. And it's pretty much a rule in tokusatsu shows that non-human characters never leave bodies behind; they either explode or turn into sparkles.
      • The vampirism curse Radiguet put on Maria/Rie did cause her to mutate, so she isn't totally human anymore.
  • Ok so the episode with Ryu's grandma trying to get him married seemed pretty insensitive I know this might be because of differences in culture but isn't it a bit callous to expect him to date and marry someone when his fiancée died and if she didn't know about her, why would Ryu keep her secret?
    • Cultural dissonance, yes, along with Ryu's grandma thinking the best cure for heartbreak might be a new relationship.

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