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Headscratchers / Chocotto Sister

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  • Shouldn't Choco be going to school?
    • Why would she? She already has a book that contains all the knowledge she needs.
  • Why is nobody amazed about Choco's sudden appearance?
    • They are. Its just that nobody around knows much about Haruma, so they probably never asked if he has siblings. When one of his relatives come to visit, that was a big problem though.
  • How does Haruma go about the problem that Choco has no birth certificate? Getting dental care or health insurance would be a problem, for one.
  • Of course, "Santa" could have seen to it that Choco has a birth certificate, identifying her as Haruma's sister, but why is that never mentioned then?
    • Do we need to know all the details? He just got a little sister, packed with everything he needed of her. Being healthy and insured was also part of his wish.


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