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  • I, for one, am confused about the whole 'Type Queen-Steele' thing. I thought that they were the same person. Did Type Queen make Charlie the Unicorn first? Did Jason Steele? Or does anyone really know? To add to the confusion, Jason Steele's videos share both the graphic style and humour type of Charlie, while Type Queen's videos aren't related in the slightest, save the fact that they're animated with the same programs. Also, TQ's animations have a very confined feel to the animation, making it look like she never finished the rendering process. (To figure out what I mean by that, just watch her 'Evolution of the Unicorn'.) Can someone clear up the confusion?
    • Who's "Type-Queen" ? and the credits clearly list Jason Steel as the creator.
      • Type Queen is Jason's mother. He uploaded the video initially under her account. This is why when you watch Charlie 1 on YouTube, at the end, it says "For Type Queen". The video was made for his mother.
  • In the third one: How did Charlie know that was his kidney?
    • It's a reasonable hypothesis, that's all.
  • Why do Charlie, Pink, and Blue have tails but no manes?
    • They shave. Or, rather, Pink and Blue have always been like that (Charlie suspects they shave) and Charlie has been either forced to shave or had his mane stolen after yet another wacky adventure.
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    • Perhaps this particular type of unicorns simply do not have manes?
    • If I'm up to date on my unicorn mythology, Unicorns didn't have manes in their early interpretations so it could be a reference to that. Although they also had goat-like feet and lion-like tails so I'm probably wrong. However it may be because if they had manes they would get in the way of the characters and make their drawings a bit off. So it's probably more of an artistic reason than mythological reason.
    • I always assumed it was a product of the art style. Charlie and co. strongly resemble toy horses with molded manes. The manes on such toys are sometimes hard to see, depending upon the color of the toy and how short the mane was meant to be. If the characters are indeed modeled off of toys, this combined with the blurriness of the shading on the characters would make manes hard to see anyway, so the artist may not have bothered to draw them (or did draw them but they got lost amongst the blur during production and were left that way).
  • What is IN the vortex?
    • The amulet.

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