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Headscratchers / Castlevania: Chronicles of Sorrow

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  • Is it just me, or the Magic Seal 4 glitch makes it have lesser margin error than Magic Seal 5? I mean, it took me like 2-3 tries for Abaddon, about 3-5 for Death, but it took me like over 4 for Zephyr, fortunately 2 for Bat Company and Aguni... so many fails, I just got damn frustrated and skipped him with Succubus glitchnote 
    • I don't think it's just you. Magic Seal 4 requires 6-7 motions to do properly (for six, you use a curve for the bottom two "strokes"). By comparison, Magic Seal 5 can be done with 5 motions (the first six "strokes" can be done as a one-motion circle). Technically each seal requires more strokes, but Magic Seal 5 is only a challenge if you try to draw it as a hexagon or if you miss the visible marks when drawing the seal (the latter being a challenge for any of the Magic Seals). With practice, it's very possible to draw any of the Seals, but there's a reason that mechanic never showed up in later entries.
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  • Someone asked over at Chaos Architecture "how can you build an "exact replica" of something that has no constant, definitive shape?" Easy. Model the appearance of the replica off of the general theme of the original, then give IT no constant, definitive shape. Bam, exact replica. Or at least, as close as you're going to get to one, anyway.
  • So Mina's Charm, in Dawn, the acessory that does nothing to your status yet you must equip it before stepping inside the last room of the normal game... Summons Arikado to your position? No, REALLY. That's the only difference that happens between the bad and the good ending: Arikado steps in and ruins Celia's (laughable) attempt at making Soma succumb to his own darkness. And this only happens because Soma is wearing Mina's Charm, which according to the very item's description, "suppresses darkness"... Uh, yeah, it was totally the charm. Not the dashing interpol agent butting in and revealing that it wasn't Soma's beloved who got killed in his front. Yup. Okay.
    • Maybe Arikado sensed the suppression effect of the Talisman and made a beeline for Soma's position. It makes a bit more sense when, as I did, you go back and talk to Yoko after every major step in the story, which may open up the possibility that Yoko briefs Arikado regularly on Soma's doings in the castle.
    • Even if you assume that the only difference between the two events was the talisman—and that in both cases Arikado was attempting to reach Soma in time—the fact is that Soma's full corruption without the talisman happens at the exact moment that Arikado would have stepped in to interfere with the talisman. It's possible that in the former case, Arikado didn't step in because he realized it was already too late to save Soma (there wouldn't have been enough time for Arikado's interference to stop the transformation). But with the talisman slowing Soma's transformation, there was plenty of time for Arikado to interfere and keep Soma from going to the dark side.
  • The explanation for Magic Seals is that they are used to destroy the gate used to call the boss monsters. Makes sense. The boss can come back if it dies as long as the gate is open. Except Soma has the power to take the souls of things he kills. Wouldn't taking its soul be much more permanent and efficient than doing a seal?
    • Soma can't absorb the souls of monsters at will. If he could, then he'd only need to kill one enemy per soul. There are some factors of soul drops that aren't explained.
    • That, or maybe the gates don't just call the bosses back when they're killed; they also draw energy to heal them. Soma can't take their souls until they're dead, and they can't die until the gate is destroyed.
  • Soma trails afterimages whenever he performs any kind of movement in Dawn, something that didn't happen in Aria. Is there some chance he may not be completely human anymore after escaping from Dracula's castle in Aria?
    • Mostly Rule of Cool. Juste used to do the same and he was simply the son of a Belmont and a Belnades.

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