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  • They have "thread talkbacks" whenever a movie comes out in theaters, strictly for those who have seen the movie first and those people only. This would be just fine, if the bloggers had an actual way to determine if any poster had actually seen the movie before the reply was removed by the editors for posting without having seen it! What if the person just posted something that told you nothing about whether he/she saw the movie or not? Surely, the bloggers would try to make the effort to find out before taking action! But nope. Deleted it goes. Without any further research. Great job, bloggers. Now your thread talkbacks are littered with blocked posts for all to see.
  • How come Cartoon Brew doesn't showcase projects under fundraisers? That seems a bit unfair. They aren't supporting what could be open opportunities for artists to prosper, and they of all people know that money drives the scene in cartoons!
  • The new Disque implementation for the comments enables anyone without a Disque account to only rate posts positive. You need to register in order to rate a comment negative. Why?
  • The blog is not a news site. Amid has stated this countless times. Sure would explain the opinionated posts there right? Yet, the site's slogan reads "one of the top sites for animation industry news". Which is it? If you were to cover a story for the sake of reporting, would you express your own opinion right there in the article, or make repliers express the opinions themselves?

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