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Headscratchers / Captain Rainbow

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  • How does that vibrator prove anything?!
    • They're too squicked out to keep asking questions.
    • I think a better question is who's bright idea was it to make the player fetch a Birdo's vibrator in the first place?
    • It explains... something... about Birdo at least...
  • How is Ossan a forgotten Nintendo character? Isn't he Mario?
    • Not really, he is in fact, one of the very first intentional Mario-expies Nintendo made before getting completely forgotten (since many would follow after, such as Mr.EAD and Mallo came around. The reason why most think it's meant to be Mario is because of how the Western versions of Golf NES & Gameboy depicted Mario to be the golfer, if the boxart for GB-version is to go by. Another hindsight on this is that one of Mario's possible names during his development for Donkey Kong was actually "Ossan" before Mr.Video and Jumpman...

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