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Headscratchers / Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium

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  • Since Rugal and Akuma each have a role as the main boss characters, why don't they share a special intro together? Rugal shares special intros with a number of the cast (including the sub-boss M. Bison), and Akuma shares a special intro with Rugal's subordinate Vice. And yet, they don't even acknowledge each other in-game despite clearly wanting to throw down in the cutscenes.
  • Why are characters like Kyosuke and Eagle in the roster in place of ones that people still remember?
    • This one is explicitly answered on the main page: Capcom decided to go against the norm and deliberately picked more obscure characters to advertise certain series.
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  • Why is Ryuji Yamazaki the only character from his team who made it into the roster, despite his whole team being full of fan-favorites?
  • Why is Hibiki the only character from The Last Blade to make it into the roster, despite there being other, more popular characters from that game?
    • Probably for the same reasons as Capcom above. SNK also isn't shy towards the idea of mixing and matching fighters (just look at the frequent roster shuffling in KOF), and though Hibiki is neither a main character like Kaede, Moriya, Yuki, or Kagami or an extremely beloved side character like Akari, she's still fairly popular and SNK might've decided to use her to test the waters.
  • How come none of the characters from Street Fighter's Shadaloo storyline have any special intros with each other?
  • Why don't Dan and Ryo have an intro together, considering all of the comedic potential?
    • If it's any consolation, the physical similarities between Robert and Dan become a Running Gag in SVC Chaos.
    • Plus, it's implied that Dan made an appearance in Ryo's ending.

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