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  • Can someone explain the Gum-Gum Guy's plan in the third episode to me? What was he trying to achieve?
    • He knew he was going to die without the medication, and wanted to hurt Canaan for killing his brother.
  • How could Maria survive that???
    • Yunyun's got more superskills than she let's everyone know.
    • Maria is also implied to have powers; remember that she was kidnapped and exposed to the Ua Virus before the series started (which is why her father's company has an anti-virus). Not to mention she apparently met Alphard and then forgot...
      • I don't like this explanation. Why isn't Maria taking any medication then? No mention of that. I'll have to go with "Yunyun's 2nd appendix gives her super strength" or something. Or the creators just decided at the last minute not to have a downer ending.
  • Why are the Americans speaking Japanese in the White House?
    • It's a conspiracy.
      • Or for the benefit of the viewers. Although at one point, when some government guys are discussing Kenji Osawa, they say his name in Western order even though they're speaking Japanese, which this troper thought was a nice touch.
  • Exactly why did Liang Qi go to the trouble of setting up the the Factory so Hakko's voice would only kill Canaan? It'd probably save money to not bother making that anti-noise field, and it'd probably be better to just kill all the intruders... Only one explanation comes to mind, but I mean, really?
    • bear in mind that she is, completely and utterly insane.
    • More likely it was a safety set up once Hakko's ability became apparent, that this meant that it only affected Canaan was simply a side benefit which Liang Qi exploited
  • Um... so how did the submerged dynamite explode? I mean, the fuse was totally soaked.
    • Magnesium.
  • How did Alphard survive that fall in the final episode?
    • She has more padding.


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