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  • If the human homunculi need to eat human flesh because they subconsciously want to regain their lost humanity, then why do the animal homunculi, who were never human, do the same?
    • Because they were human-all the animal and plant homunculi are given a human back story in the manga bonus info pages; except for Washio, who was the only one that was originally an animal, and he never wanted to eat humans at all.
      • Washio was once one of the Chouno family retainers. He just identifies more with his animal side as a homunculus.

  • Towards the end of the series Victor and Kazuki fight each other on the moon for a month with no Air,(yet we still see Kazuki breathing heavily) Food or Water. Yes their both ascended beings who can draw energy from life around them, but there is no life on the moon! this was the entire reason they went there in the first place! so somehow they both can survive a month of fighting with no energy input? Oh also they can talk to each other. Then when they sense Buster Baron coming Victor uses the last of his energy to send Kazuki out to meet them since according to him no one without their power could reach the moon. to be fair he probably didn't know about the Apollo landings , but by that point Buster Baron had already broken free from earth's gravity and was still going strong(though I suppose he might have meant they couldn't reach the moon and come back). For that matter I don't see why Papillon didn't even try to reach the moon with Near Death Happiness. Anyway Kazuki and Tokiko have a heartfelt reunion in space. Tokiko is some how able to survive despite her only protection being a Badass Trenchcoat (whose hat floats away) Oh also they can talk to each other.
    • Vaguely, vaguely justified as the series was canceled, so Watsuki had to BS and ending. That doesn't really explain why Victor and Kazuki were apparently fighting for a month straight, Victor's sudden change of heart and...pretty much everything, but at least he tried, I guess...
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    • Also, we don't know if humans actually landed on the moon in the Buso Renkinverse(and any normal human getting there would just die nearly-instantly from the double energy drain). Papillion wouldn't have been able to reach the moon because his ability is to detonate gunpowder, which doesn't work in space. As for the jacket stopping space, that's not surprising. It stopped Kazuki's energy drain despite the fact that his body wasn't completely covered.
    • Black Powder doesn't work in space, but modern gunpowder is actually self oxidizing, it doesn't require any atmospheric oxygen to detonate.

  • It just bugs me that Watsuki thinks he's adding 'international flavor' by adding two chinese people. That's not very international.
    • This is not what he said. He was planning on adding 'international flavor' and started that by adding two Chinese people. He noted that he didn't continue the idea.

  • Yeah, about the happy ending: it can't last. All of the known homunculi were sent to the moon, and the alchemist Army is effectively disbanded. I don't suppose that the rouge alchemists know that they are not supposed to practice alchemy anymore? The guys that were perfectly willing to make monsters that eat people? Yeah, I'm sure they will listen. Continuation Fics ahoy!
    • Those guys are also dead. The League was the main source of homunculi, and Papillion only found out how to create them because he was a genius with access to his grandfather's notes. That's never stopped stop fanfics though.
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    • If the L.X.E. were the main source of Homunculi, the Alchemist Army would have sent more than just 3 warriors (Tokiko, Bravo, and that guy that Moonface killed). The fact is they went toe route of total disarmament for a problem that can never truly be solved. At least they have all of the Kakugane on standby.
    • The ending also makes the highly erroneous assumption that all the homunculi will agree to be sent to the moon. The moment some of them decide they don't want to be launched into orbit, the warriors will be needed again.
      • That actually made sense to me. The homunculi they sent were the ones who ate people. That means that deep down, those homunculi want to become human again, and live among people. I can picture the alchemist army saying something like "if you guys spend a portion of your eternal life on the moon, we promise that someday we will develop the technology to turn you human again." Remember, they stated that one of the only parts of the alchemist army continued to perform was research on how to turn a homunculus back into a human, so I find it believable that the majority of the homunculi would choose the eventual possibility of becoming human again over the immediate erradication that refusal would grant.

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