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Headscratchers / Bubble Guppies

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Okay. So, Oona's fish tail reaches all the way to her shoulders, unlike Molly and Deema. Does that mean, when she grows up, she won't have human mammary glands? That's Fridge Horror right there.

  • Maybe the tail covers all of her body.
    • Zooli has a tail like Oona as well.
  • So, in "Call a Clambulance!" how exactly did Deema acquire a pair of human legs and a Triceratops for the x-ray?
    • The mermaid black market.
  • Why do they need a fire department underwater?
    • Well, people do still get stuck in trees.
      • That brings up another question though - how can they be stuck in a tree underwater? Can't they just float/swim down?
    • Why don't you ask Patrick that question?
  • Why are there underwater penguins in the zoo?
    • Because they are Mer-penguins.
    • So what do they eat?
      • Probably small fish things... Plankton. Kelp. Seaweed.
  • How did Deema manage to get an electric guitar to sound like drums, of all things?