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  • The Movie... Why does Yasmin have a mariachi band in her house?! Why doesn't Yasmin just tell her best friends that Meredith is blackmailing her into dropping out of the talent show?! Why is Yasmin's high school aged brother hitting on a 7 year old and stalking her at her ballet class?! Why is a deaf guy able to DJ by just feeling the vibrations of the speakers?! Why the hell can't Meredtih figure out how many cliques she separated the student body into?! Why does Meredith have her own board room with a rack full of swords in the school?!
  • Why does everyone listen to Meredith to begin with?!
    • Because she‘s the principals daughter. Duh!
  • Why does Cloe have so many clothes, her own computer, and a moped when they go on about how POOR she is over and over and isn't shown having a job to make up for it?! Why does the head cheerleader wear a tiara?! Why do the "dino-kids" walk around school with dino plushies on their heads?! Why is there a guy in the talent show with a toilet bowl around his neck and a plunger on his face?! Why did I give into Bile Fascination and watch this thing?! Why does the fandom defend this stupid movie while when similar movies are made for other fandoms, they howl with fan rage and pretend it doesn't exist?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!
    • Because the target audience are as dumb as a sack of soggy cheerios?
    • The tiara can be explained as an expression of her extreme sense of self-entitlement, but you're on your own with the rest of the stuff.
    • Actually, deaf people can play/dance to instruments and music only feeling the vibrations. That is a well known fact in the deaf community.
      • Still, being a DJ is pushing it.
      • Maybe he moonlights as Daredevil.
    • If Meredith was in charge of the talent show, why didn't she just tell the Bratz they couldn't enter?
    • After having watched this film last night when I was unable to sleep, I want to take a stab at answering some of your amazing and lengthy rant.
      • Yasmin comes across as being a little socially backwards; she's the only one out of the girls who doesn't branch out and make her own friends, she doesn't appear to make friends easily, and she comes across as being incredibly shy. With this in mind, I don't think Yasmin thought to tell the rest of the girls about Meredith blackmailing her because she didn't want to risk breaking up the group again after finally having gotten back together. Maybe she was worried they wouldn't believe her. I agree it was pretty stupid of her, but since she is socially awkward, she might have been too anxious to just confess and tell the truth.
      • I get the feeling that Yasmin's brother was either supposed to be younger, or Meredith's sister was supposed to be older. But the actors cast in those respective roles looked older or younger than they were supposed to. It's possible that Meredith's sister was supposed to be in her early teens but her actress looked very young.
      • Concerning Cloe and how 'poor' she is, I think it's more that she's poor compared to the rest of the Bratz. Sasha's family are extremely wealthy, Jade's family appear to be be pretty well off, and even Yasmin's family seem pretty comfortable. Cloe's family was just poor in comparison, and the movie did an awful job of explaining that. Cloe and her mother have a roof over their heads, can afford well fitting clothes, can afford a football uniform, have a nice looking house, and don't appear to be scrambling for meals. It's likely that they can't afford the big things, such as holidays and college, but they're comfortable when it comes to day to day living.
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    • Maybe they'd be less poor if she didn't spend all her frikkin' money on expensive clothes? Or perhaps the Bratz are just the kinds of spoilt, shallow rich bitches who think if you don't instantly buy this week's latest fashion accessory, you're poor. Chloe's dress is almost two weeks out of date!
  • Why does the main page call this a more conservative look? (Oh, be sure to turn off the music because [you'll hear it in your nightmares.)
    • Maybe they call that "conservative" because they're more covered or, at least, dressed more normally/modestly for girls their age.
  • Whose grandmother is Gran from the CGI Bratz Babyz movies, anyway? They never really say. If she isn't related to them, how do they know her? Did some parents really leave little girls to a random old woman?


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