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Headscratchers / Borderlands 3

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    Vaughn's leadership 

  • By the time you meet him, Vaughn has lost control of his bandit clan. This is, at minimum, the third bandit clan he has led to destruction since he landed on Pandora. How does he keep getting followers? He doesn't have charisma, skill, or powers to explain it away like the Calypso twins. Hell, he's not even crazy enough to attract people.
    • It's stated that Vaughn won control over the Sun Smashers because he killed the previous leader using only his abs.
    • Becoming leader is one thing, staying as one is a whole other deal. Vaughn is actually charismatic, but he lacks vision and usually his clans fall apart because he couldn't see and plan ahead.


    Tyreen's motivation 
  • What did Tyreen hope to accomplish by merging with the Destroyer and wiping out the universe? I get starting a cult and amassing an army, but what does she gain from destroying the universe, it's not like she has a problem with the universe.
    • Tyreen wanted to be "the brightest star in the sky," the biggest and most powerful thing in the universe. It's not quite that she wanted to destroy the universe, it's just that giving unlimited power to a spoiled brat with demonstrated self-control issues is a terrible idea, and that's assuming that the Destroyer didn't make her even crazier. Tyreen's cult was dangerous enough as it was—do you really want to see what happens when she can eat suns?

     The purpose of the Vaults 
  • The main Vault is to hold the Destroyer, and another one holds the Warrior, but what's the point of the other Vaults on other planets? Were the Eridians using them as test Vaults? Why not destroy them after they worked?
    • Vaults are generally forms of Eridian technology and used for different purposes. Tannis states that the Promethea and Eden-6 Vaults were used as power sources for the machine that seals the Pandora Great Vault. We don't necessarily know what other Vaults do, but they presumably have other important functions for the Eridians and dealing with the Destroyer.
    • The eridian writings gave us some explanations
      • The first game's vault wasnt actually a "vault". But a "feeding chute" of sorts for the destroyer that was designed to be oppened every 100 years or so.
      • The warrior was a "champion" of Pandora. Put there by the eridians to guard the planet from anyone that came to mess with the destroyers prison (doing a crappy job in the process)
      • The Eliphas vault wasnt explained but it seemed to have been a warning about Pandora.
      • No idea what was going on with the traveler vault. As the game seems to ignore the ending from Tales.
      • And as for Torque's vault? My headcannon is that it wasnt a vault a all. Just a big pit that Torque filled with guns and explosives. The later of which he remotly detoned once the "prophecy" (that he also spread) was fulfilled.

     The first game's Vault 
  • Back in the first game the Vault is treated like so***me mythical mysterious treasure, but there were other Vaults discovered before it. Why was the Pandora Vault so special in the eyes of the Vault Hunters?
    • Maybe they didn't know it was special. It was just another Vault, and one that wasn't opened yet.
    • A single Vault has enough precious resources and technology to set someone up for life and is worth enough to devote entire armies to conquer planets to control them. What made the Pandora Vault special was that it's a Vault.
    • It is also possible that it was the first Vault that the Corporations could open. Promethea's Vault was found first, but Atlas never had the full key. They could only learn from what was outside of it. Eden-6's Vault was kept hidden. Dahl may have learned enough to know where the Pandora key parts were, prompting Atlas to swoop in.

     About Tannis Rescue... (Spoiler Alert) 
  • So, what's was the point of Tannis revealing her Siren powers (Phaseshifting)? The Agonizer 9000 was already pretty much scrapped and posed no threat of killing her. Couldn't she just wait for a few more moments until the Vault Hunters got her out of her bounds?
    • The Agonizer 9000 wasn't destroyed yet. The Vault Hunter had damaged it but it was still functional even with the Eridium core damaged.