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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Don't the other two kids in "Vincent Adultman" get bored of the "face" kid always getting do all the fun stuff?
    • Maybe they're single minded triplets and each time "he" makes an appearance, the face is a different kid.
      • Not to mention if the implications about them having sex with Princess Carolyn is true, then really only the middle kid has something to complain about. And who cares about him, anyway?

  • Did Todd do the commercial successfully? I thought I saw his face on a billboard for Burbourn in a later episode but I imagine he would have alienated the producers too much.
    • They had to use someone.
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    • In a later episode, Todd mentions that people confuse him for others all the time, quoting people as saying he looks like the prince from Cordovia and that guy in the bourbon commercials. So yes, he did the commercial successfully.

  • Does the food chain still exist in this universe? Would Cameron Crowe eat the smaller birds for example? Does the waitress (who's a cow) have to worry about being eaten?
    • Well they do specifically have a throw-away gag with her giving someone who ordered steak the stink eye, so we have to assume yes. How that works in a world where animals are very clearly sentient and capable of protesting being eaten? No clue.
    • This is explained, in a pretty disturbing way, in the season 2 episode "Chickens." There are "friend" chicken people, then there are "food" chickens that are genetically modified and injected with hormones from birth to make them, well, like real-life chickens, but with the same anthropomorphic bodies as all the talking animals. Presumably all the meat comes from animals like this.
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    • "Love And/Or Marriage" indicates that cats and mice typically don't mingle. If the mouse account of their history in "The Judge" has any truth to it, that history is a bloody one that may include cats eating mice, although that's never mentioned specifically.
      • I've more or less figured that non-sapient animals also exist, we just don't see them, kind of like in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, where Lorenda (a cow) eats a hamburger from a non-sentient (or magical) cow and we haven't seen the latter type of cow.

  • BoJack was offered a role as the new Bond villain "Goldhoof." How does the concept of hooves even exist when the horses in this universe has hands and feet?
    • Err, Rule of Funny?
    • Not to mention the picture of horse shoes, hanging right over BoJack's bed, as seen in the intro!
    • Hooves are likely their feet only in this world.
    • Also, why does nobody in the series appear to have a tail?
      • The lack of tails has been chalked up to Author Appeal, with the character designer being known for designing anthro animals without tails. It's also easily explained by the fact that every living thing in the series is human from the neck down, so of course they wouldn't have tails.

  • What was Mister Ed like in this universe?
    • Princess Carolyn even makes a reference to Mister Ed's theme tune: "Of course, of course, that's what you get when you fall for a horse."
    • Mister Ed does appear in season 3.

  • The existence of Disney in this universe raises so many questions. For starters, how can Pluto (who Todd mentions by name) even exist in a universe where no one has pets and never did?
    • He might just be another anthropomorphic dog like Goofy is and instead of being Mickey's pet, he's just another one of his friends.

  • Why was Diane's book written from a third person perspective? Wasn't she just supposed to be a ghostwriter on his memoir?
    • It was, her changing the book was why BoJack was upset at her and fired her in the first place.

  • Do they consider the minotaur from Classical Mythology (most commonly depicted as having a bull's head on a human body) to be just a complsetely ordinary guy in this universe?
    • Since bulls and men are separate species in BoJack's world, they might still consider a man with the head of a bull to be a monster, although from our perspective the difference is subtle.
    • Mixed species don't seem to be a thing. We don't see any just walking around (except for the fact that all animals are bipedal and anthropomorphic). Charlotte and Kyle have one human boy and one deer girl. Henrietta lovingly says "It's a baby horse" about her ultrasound, and untitled Princess Carolyn Project is porcupine like her father.
      • Or, rather, they don't exist in the way that the minotaur might and probably exist in more "of a one or the other" or a Gender Equals Breed thing.

  • BoJack knows a thing or two about baby birds leaving the nest too soon, cut to him consoling a grieving mother. Just Who was that Grieving Bird?
    • This seems to be one of the only times the show has had anything resembling a throwaway gag.s Not only does the bird never come back in the series, BoJack is genuinely empathetic, something he's not known for.
    • In other words, chalk it up to Rule of Funny and Early Installment Weirdness.

  • Why was there no Dragon Ball Z reference when things got spacy in One Trick Pony. Were they unaware of the name?
    • Dragonball has absolutely nothing to do with this show, so it's safe to assume they were unaware.

  • So, barring a lot of unknown factors isn't BoJack the heir to the Sugarman Sugar Cubes fortune or has something canonically countered that conclusion?
    • BoJack's mother is still alive.
    • Heir is the operative word. Is there anything barring him from inheriting that fortune other than his mother's continued existence?
      • A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows the company was sold to a Japanese conglomerate, so there is no inheritance from the current company. The money from the sale would have gone to Beatrice, but BoJack states outright in "Free Churro" that one reason Beatrice resented Butterscotch was for wasting away all their money. On top of all that, BoJack became famous and wealthy in his own right from his acting career about a decade before his father's death, meaning he has little interest in persuing that money anyways.

  • What happened to that manatee reporter in the season 3 premiere? Ana told BoJack she "took care of it" after he accidentally leaked some information to her, and she was pretty evasive when pressed for details. I assumed she murdered her, but there wasn't any follow-up.
    • The reporter's name is Heather, and in a later episode Ana speaks to her on the phone, so she didn't have her killed. Fan theories include bribery, some sort of counter-blackmail, or Manatee Fair and Secretariat sharing a parent company that wouldn't want any bad press about its potential Oscar-winner.

  • What was Diane's objection to the party in "After The Party"? She explains that she's unhappy with her life, but what does that have to do with the party?
    • She was done for the night. Once stimulation becomes excessive it stops being fun and starts to get obnoxious/annoying.
    • Also, as shown in season 1 (and later in the season 4 finale), she hates grand gestures, hence why she gets so angry at Mr. Peanutbutter after their fight- the party comes across as selfish because it's what he wants for her, not what she wants, and suggests that he doesn't listen enough to what she wants.

  • Sir Paul McCartney makes a cameo appearance and he's clearly human. However a later episode shows that Sarah Lynn has a poster of The Beatles in her room, and they're anthropomorphic beetles. So was McCartney ever a member of The Beatles/Beetles in this universe?
    • Maybe The Beetles are an all beetle tribute to The Beatles.
    • Or maybe just as The Beatles in the real world went through various public personas through out their careers the members of The Beetles dressed up as beetles during a part of their career for some reason but were actually human.

  • If Bojack wasn't nominated for the Oscar, why did the Academy have a slide of him that says his name like the other nominees for Best Actor? It makes less sense when he was nominated in every other award show so it makes even less sense for him not to be nominated.
    • It happened to Amy Adams in real life. She was announced as being nominated for Arrival, but then the Academy gave it to Meryl Streep. Also, people nominated in other ceremonies don't automatically get called for Oscars, like Idris Elba for Beasts of No Nation for example. Not saying it's fair or just, but stuff like this DOES happen.

  • That's Too Much Man! — Bojack spends a lot of time driving extremely recklessly around LA, causing a lot of property damage and near-accidents (at point he actually hits a skateboarder who goes up and over his bonnet). Where the hell were the cops (or Fuzzyface at least) while this was happening, and why didn't this make the news (two celebrities on a drug-fueled bender terrorising LA in an increasingly banged-up car would be a pretty big story in real life)? For a show which is about exploring the realistic consequences of behaving like a jackass, it seems like a big goof. Also, how is Bojack not in jail in the next episode? Like I mentioned, he caused a lot of damage and injured (killed?) that skateboarder, and there would've been plenty of eyewitnesses (like the meerkat accountant and his son - he crashed through their playhouse and came within inches of killing them), plus he would've had to have dealt with the cops/paramedics if he reported Sarah Lynn's death... unless he panicked and fled the scene when he realised she was dead...
    • According to the second episode of season 4, BoJack took her to the hospital, holding her hand.
    • It's important to note that the series has made a habit of letting BoJack, among others, get away with quite a lot out of his status as a celebrity.

  • If Bojack's fanclub president is telling the truth, then Bojack really did have an illegitimate child given up for adoption, even if it wasn't Hollyhock! Are we ever going to learn more about this in the future?
    • Bojack's fan club president is a Stalker with a Crush. There is ample reason to believe she's simply lying in order to keep BoJack close again.

  • What became of Ethan Around? We never hear about it once Bojack gets back to L.A., at which point it's been a year since he ran out on the taping for the first episode. Did they just outright cancel it when they couldn't get a hold of him?
    • Thoroughly ruining the guy's life after lulling him into abandoning everything to come to L.A. would be among the darkest things BoJack has ever done, I'm not sure the show wants to revisit it, and would rather just write it off as something that might or might not have worked out ok for Ethan. Fortunately, the turtle character realized the error of Ethan's ways and had an insurance rider put on BoJack for his next project because he's a flight risk.

  • Been rewatching season 4, and something came to me. Let's say that Bojack told Hollyhock his shitty childhood regarding Beatrice, why would Hollyhock not be at least a little sore about Beatrice because of it? Is it due to Beatrice's dementia and that she cannot be angry at a person in that state, or is it because she never knew her that enough to be even angry?
    • Hollyhock probably did have an idea of how Beatrice was to BoJack, but she didnt want to hold it against her because she was senile with dementia and there would be no point. She even tells BoJack (I’m paraphrasing a bit since I can’t remember the exact thing) “Whatever beef you have with your mom you have to let go, because now she’s just a sweet confused old lady”.

  • In "Downer Ending", BoJack recalls his disastrous final meeting with Herb during his drug-induced freak out. However, in the hallucination, Herb is chewing out the 1980s BoJack and not the present one. Can this be interpreted that BoJack, even at some of the more happier moments of his life, still suffered from extremely low self-esteem and self-worth?
    • I see it as a combination of both the present and past versions of Herb in BoJack's memory as, while he strongly remembers the chew out he got from Herb, he most likely remembers Herb more in his prime that what he saw of him in the present.

  • "Time's Arrow" shows that Beatrice Sugarman had her debutante ball in the early 1960s. If she was a child in the 1940s, she would have been at least in her mid-20s by then. Wouldn't that be considered too old?
    • She went to college and got a bachelors degree (so she has to be at least older than 22 at this point), so I think that’s why it was delayed, because Joseph sent her to Barnard to find a husband. She would have been around 18 when she left, so he figured she’d have a husband by the time she graduated, but of course that didn’t work out. I think the latest you can have a debutante is 25, which would probably be considered too old, so that’s probably why Joseph was so anxious to marry her off.
    • "Free Churro" revealed Beatrice was born in 1938, so by the time of her debutante ball she was 25 or 24, so time was running out for her (in society’s eyes), so that’s why Joseph was anxious to marry her off.

  • Do names work differently for each species? Mr Peanutbutter appears to have no first name at all - his own wife calls him "Mr Peanutbutter". Other dogs also appear to have only surnames and no given names. Princess Carolyn is named "Princess" and... has no last name? Or is her father Mr Carolyn?
    • Maybe it's more of gag referring to how people tend to name their pets "Ms", "Mr", or some sort of variant, in which case Mr. Peanutbutter is, well, Mr. Peanutbutter. In the case of PC, it might be case of Two First Names (the first first name being more of a title)and, from what's implied, "Carolyn" is her surname. Similarly, you have BoJack's family members being named, Crackerjack, Honey, and Butterscotch, the names that one might expect to give horses (from my observation, anyway).
    • Mr. Peanutbutter's first name actually seems to be "Mister" - his brother is called Captain Peanutbutter, and Captain's children call Mr. Peanutbutter "Uncle Mister". Otherwise, yes, naming patterns seem to be species-dependent, and dogs and cats follow the Formally Named Pet trope.

  • Princess Carolyn's Limited Wardrobe includes a teal dress with yellow fish on it - non-anthropomorphic fish with a tailfin. How did a dress designer come up with that design in a world where fish have arms and legs?
    • I kind of figured that non-anthro animals also exist in this world, where the design might have came from.

  • Is there any specific reason why all the bears in the show cannot seem to speak, only growl?
    • I think that was just Tina. Sarah-Lynn's bear stepdad was heard speaking on TV.
      • Maybe the bears (besides the stepdad) are speaking but they're speaking their version of a foreign language, so, to the viewers, it comes out like growls. However, we haven't seen too many bears besides the ones in Beatrice's flashbacks and the stepdad, so we don't really know for sure.

  • If I'm not mistaken, the portly bald guy who'd been silently hanging around Todd's WTiIN office is the same guy who offers job to Henry Fondle in the end. So he's super rich and clearly doesn't work for site. Then what the hell was he doing there?

  • So Wonder Woman is Wonder Worm in this universe? What does her long-time arch-enemy, Cheetah, look like? And is Kirk Langstrom just a normal bat who went crazy?

  • The existence of domesticated species in this universe. We know for sure that there are different breeds of domestic dogs and cats, and there is also livestock, like cows and chickens. Did these animals somewhat evolve out of their wild ancestors by themselves or were they domesticated like in our world? We know for sure that wolves exist, so they aren't just considered "ancestors", like we would look at cavemen for example. Are wolves looked down on because they're not as "civilised" as dogs? I know the simplest explanation is "artistic choice", but the implications of this universe are killing me.

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