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  • I might've missed an episode, but why is Derek always so mean to Bobby? Is Derek just a rude person in general, or is he possibly jealous of Bobby for being the baby of the family during the first few seasons? It sure seems like it in a few episodes.
    • He's just the typical 90's older brother stereotyped from cartoons, a bully one who just wants to feel superior to his younger one.
      • According the Bobby's World wikia it reveals that Derek gets bullied by his peers so he takes his anger and frustrations out on Bobby to feel better.
        • I think Derek (and also Kelly), might just be embarrassed around Bobby since there were times especially in the earlier seasons where Bobby would often make a fool of himself in public or tell embarrassing things about his siblings, which may be the reason why both of his siblings are mean to Bobby.
  • Since I haven't been a child in so long, I must ask; do most children really have a wild imagination like Bobby does?
    • Yes they do! Children his age tend to imagine things like that when they play with a box for instance or when they interpret things adults say in some way, and don't forget they're really curious too just like Bobby does.
  • Surely this was revealed on the show, but how old is Bobby? I can assume that Derek is around eleven or twelve while Kelly is in high school.
    • Bobby is four in earlier episodes, then eventually turns five and then six,.
  • Does Bobby return Jackie's feelings? Considering his reaction to her kisses, I usually think not, and feel bad for Jackie, but in some episodes, it's hinted that he might feel a little more for her. What do you think?

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