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Headscratchers / Blue Peter

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  • Okay, don't get me wrong. I grew up watching Blue Peter, and I loved it and all, but am I the only one who thinks the title sounds a little....dirty? I know it's referring to a flag, but still...
    • You know, I think you might indeed be the only one. Thanks for that thought, though.
    • Apparently their is a Blue Peter porn site (one called that anyway) out there, so no you're not.
      • Maybe I'm just being dense but how is Blue Peter dirty? Okay I'll give you blue, as in blue movie, but Peter?
        • Yes, you are being dense. "Peter" is one of the many synonyms for "penis". ...Wait, does that make this show Dr. Manhattan?
          • (Different troper) Peter being a euphemism for penis is not that common in the part of the UK I'm from.
        • I've had more than one North American friend question that a TV show for children has a name that they would associate as something much dirtier. I explained that Peter being slang for Penis wasn't common in the UK (as far as I am aware). So anyone thinking it sounds dirty isn't the only one.
      • Just think of it as revenge for the film Free Willy. (Even though it's significantly older. Pre-emptive revenge.)
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    • It was a readymade headline when the tabloid press discovered that Peter Duncan had once been in an "adult movie", though. (It was VERY tame - the worst he did was take his shirt off.)

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