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Headscratchers / Blend-S

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  • Hideri does seem to genuinely identify as female and even shows signs of gender dysphoria at one point (running towards the women’s restroom, covering her chest with a towel at the hot springs). She even says that she’s a girl on her resume, so why is she still treated as male by everyone else?
    • Because legally, Hideri is male. Unless he transitioned, he always will be.
  • In the manga, it's stated that one of Mafuyu's relationships ended abruptly when her date was arrested on pedophilia charges. What was stopping her from showing an ID to prove she was legal? Did she try but get ignored? Are the police that triggerhappy that they'll arrest anyone for any excuse? Is Naru in charge of the local precinct and uses the police as her own personal army to oppress anyone she views as a pervert?

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